Architecture Review Checklist - System Management

  1. What is the frequency of software changes that must be distributed?
  2. What tools are used for software distribution?
  3. Are multiple software and/or data versions allowed in production?
  4. What is the user data backup frequency and expected restore time?
  5. How are user accounts created and managed?
  6. What is the system license management strategy?
  7. What general system administration tools are required?
  8. What specific application administration tools are required?
  9. What specific service administration tools are required?
  10. How are service calls received and dispatched?
  11. Describe how the system is uninstalled.
  12. Describe the process or tools available for checking that the system is properly installed.
  13. Describe tools or instrumentation that are available that monitor the health and performance of the system.
  14. Describe the tools or process in place that can be used to determine where the system has been installed.
  15. Describe what form of audit logs are in place to capture system history, particularly after a mishap.
  16. Describe the capabilities of the system to dispatch its own error messages to service personnel.

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