ADM Input and Output Descriptions

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This chapter provides descriptions of input and output items referenced in the Architecture Development Method (ADM).


This section provides example descriptions of input and output items referenced in the ADM.

Note that not all the content described here need be contained in a particular input or output. Rather, it is recommended that external references be used where possible; for example, the strategic plans should not be copied into the Request for Architecture Work, but rather the title of the strategic plans should be referenced.

Also, it is not suggested that these descriptions should be followed to the letter. However, each element should be considered carefully; ignoring any input or output item may cause problems downstream.

Finally, note that versioning is used to indicate that input or output items may undergo change as the ADM is executed. As an input or output item is updated, a new version may be produced. In all cases, the TOGAF ADM numbering scheme is provided as an example. It should be adapted by the architect to meet the requirements of the organization and to work with the architecture tools and repositories employed by the organization.

Major Input Descriptions

Request for Architecture Work

Architecture Principles

See Part IV: Resource Base, Architecture Principles for guidelines and a detailed set of generic architecture principles, including:

Re-Usable Architecture Building Blocks

Product Information

New Technology Reports

Major Output Descriptions

Statement of Architecture Work

Business Scenario/Architecture Vision

Business Architecture

Technology Architecture

Impact Analysis

Architecture Contract

Typical contents of an Architecture Design and Development Contract are:

Typical contents of a Business Users' Architecture Contract are:

This contract is also used to manage changes to the enterprise architecture in Phase H (see Phase H: Architecture Change Management).

Requirements Impact Statement

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