Business Process Domain Views

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This chapter presents a set of function views aligned with the business process structure of the enterprise.


A business process domain is a logical grouping of business systems dedicated to a common purpose. Such systems may be geographically co-located, thus emphasizing their purpose; or they may be grouped by some other constraint, such as a common systems availability target.

In order to demonstrate the responsiveness of the enterprise architecture to the business needs of the organization, among the various architecture views that are developed, a business process domain view may be used. This describes the enterprise architecture from the perspective of the enterprise's key business process domains.


A business process domain view is a set of function views, aligned with the business process structure of the enterprise.

Business process domain views are used during architecture development as a means of verifying, and demonstrating, that the architecture being developed is addressing the business requirements.

Thorough and detailed application of the business scenario technique (see Business Scenarios) in the early stages of architecture development should provide an excellent foundation for a set of business process domain views.

Each business process domain view addresses components, interfaces, and allocation of services critical to the view. A typical structure is shown below.


A description of the domain, its key applications, and attributes that characterize the applications within the domain.

Business Problem

A short description of the important business problems relating to the domain, and how they are addressed in the Target Architecture.

Applications Deployed
within the Business
Process Domain

A table listing currently deployed applications.

Assumptions, Constraints,
and Guidelines

General guidelines for developers, implementors, and system suppliers.

Domain Structure

Target architecture/business process domain mapping: a table highlighting the services and building blocks applicable to this domain.
Application topology: a figure showing the relationships between the major application elements within this domain.

Domain Service

A description of the service qualities (see Application Platform Service Qualities) that are important for each business process domain, and how they are achieved in the Target Architecture.

Deployment Guidance

Lessons learnt with respect to deployment. The migration strategy for implementing the Target Architecture, as it applies to this business process domain. Also any guidance for the implementation team responsible for deployment.

Future Directions

Any important directions identified for systems within the domain.


Pointers to reference material.

Table: Business Process Domain Views - Description Structure

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