The Single UNIX ® Specification, Version 2
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term.h - terminal capabilities


#include <term.h>


The following data type is defined through typedef:
An opaque representation of the capabilities for a single terminal from the terminfo database.

The <term.h> header provides a declaration for the following object: cur_term. It represents the current terminal record from the terminfo database that the application has selected by calling set_curterm().

The <term.h> header contains the variable names listed in the Variable column in the table in Defined Capabilities .

The following are declared as functions, and may also be defined as macros:

int    del_curterm(TERMINAL *);
int    putp(const char *);
int    restartterm(char *, int, int *);
TERMINAL *set_curterm(TERMINAL *);
int    setupterm(char *, int, int *);
int    tgetent(char *, const char *);
int    tgetflag(char *);
int    tgetnum(char *);
char  *tgetstr(char *, char **):
char  *tgoto(char *, int, int);
int    tigetflag(char *); 
int    tigetnum(char *);
char  *tigetstr(char *);
char  *tparm(char *,long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long);
int    tputs(const char *, int, int (*)(int));

The <term.h> header defines the following data type through typedef:

bool As described in <curses.h>.


Terminfo Source Format (ENHANCED CURSES) , printf(), putp(), tigetflag(), tgetent(), <curses.h>.

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