The Single UNIX ® Specification, Version 2
Copyright © 1997 The Open Group


curses.h - definitions for screen handling and optimisation functions


#include <curses.h>


The <curses.h> header provides a declaration for COLOR_PAIRS, COLORS, COLS, curscr, LINES and stdscr.
The following constants are defined:
Function return value for end-of-file
Function return value for failure
Boolean false value
Function return value for success
Boolean true value
Wide-character function return value for end-of-file, as defined in <wchar.h>.

The following constant is defined if the implementation supports the indicated revision of the X/Open Curses specification:

X/Open Curses, Issue 4, Version 2, July 1996, (ISBN: 1-85912-171-3, C610) (this document).
 Data Types
The following data types are defined through typedef:
An OR-ed set of attributes
Boolean data type
A character, attributes  and a colour-pair
An opaque terminal representation
As described in <stddef.h>
As described in <wchar.h>
References a string of wide characters
An opaque window representation

These data types are described in more detail in Data Types.

The inclusion of <curses.h> may make visible all symbols from the headers <stdio.h>, <term.h>, <termios.h> and <wchar.h>.

 Attribute Bits
The following symbolic constants are used to manipulate objects of type attr_t:

WA_ALTCHARSET  Alternate character set
WA_BLINK       Blinking
WA_BOLD        Extra bright or bold
WA_DIM         Half bright
WA_HORIZONTAL  Horizontal highlight
WA_INVIS       Invisible
WA_LEFT        Left highlight
WA_LOW         Low highlight
WA_PROTECT     Protected
WA_REVERSE     Reverse video
WA_RIGHT       Right highlight
WA_STANDOUT    Best highlighting mode of the terminal
WA_TOP         Top highlight
WA_UNDERLINE   Underlining
WA_VERTICAL    Vertical highlight

These attribute flags shall be distinct.

The following symbolic constants are used to manipulate attribute bits in objects of type chtype:

A_ALTCHARSET   Alternate character set
A_BLINK        Blinking
A_BOLD         Extra bright or bold
A_DIM          Half bright
A_INVIS        Invisible
A_PROTECT      Protected
A_REVERSE      Reverse video
A_STANDOUT     Best highlighting mode of the terminal
A_UNDERLINE    Underlining

These attribute flags need not be distinct  except when _XOPEN_CURSES is defined and the application sets _XOPEN_SOURCE_EXTENDED to 1.

The following symbolic constants can be used as bit-masks to extract the components of a chtype:

A_ATTRIBUTES   Bit-mask to extract attributes
A_CHARTEXT     Bit-mask to extract a character
A_COLOR        Bit-mask to extract colour-pair information

 Line-drawing Constants
The <curses.h> header defines the symbolic constants shown in the leftmost two columns of the following table for use in drawing lines. The symbolic constants that begin with ACS_ are char constants. The symbolic constants that begin with WACS_ are cchar_t constants for use with the wide-character interfaces that take a pointer to a cchar_t.

In the POSIX locale, the characters shown in the POSIX Locale Default column are used when the terminal database does not specify a value using the acsc capability.

char Constant cchar_t Constant POSIX Locale Default Glyph Description
ACS_ULCORNER WACS_ULCORNER + upper left-hand corner
ACS_LLCORNER WACS_LLCORNER + lower left-hand corner
ACS_URCORNER WACS_URCORNER + upper right-hand corner
ACS_LRCORNER WACS_LRCORNER + lower right-hand corner
ACS_RTEE WACS_RTEE + right tee
ACS_BTEE WACS_BTEE + bottom tee
ACS_HLINE WACS_HLINE - horizontal line
ACS_VLINE WACS_VLINE | vertical line
ACS_S1 WACS_S1 - scan line 1
ACS_S9 WACS_S9 _ scan line 9
ACS_CKBOARD WACS_CKBOARD : checker board (stipple)
ACS_DEGREE WACS_DEGREE ' degree symbol
ACS_LARROW WACS_LARROW < arrow pointing left
ACS_RARROW WACS_RARROW > arrow pointing right
ACS_DARROW WACS_DARROW v arrow pointing down
ACS_UARROW WACS_UARROW ^ arrow pointing up
ACS_BOARD WACS_BOARD # board of squares
ACS_BLOCK WACS_BLOCK # solid square block

 Colour-related Macros
The following colour-related macros are defined:


 Coordinate-related Macros
The following coordinate-related macros are defined:

void   getbegyx(WINDOW *win, int y, int x);
void   getmaxyx(WINDOW *win, int y, int x);
void   getparyx(WINDOW *win, int y, int x);
void   getyx(WINDOW *win, int y, int x);

 Key Codes
The following symbolic constants representing function key values are defined:

Key Code Description
KEY_CODE_YES Used to indicate that a wchar_t variable
contains a key code
KEY_BREAK Break key
KEY_DOWN Down arrow key
KEY_UP Up arrow key
KEY_LEFT Left arrow key
KEY_RIGHT Right arrow key
KEY_HOME Home key
KEY_F0 Function keys; space for 64 keys is reserved
KEY_F(n) For 0 <=n<=63
KEY_DL Delete line
KEY_IL Insert line
KEY_DC Delete character
KEY_IC Insert char or enter insert mode
KEY_EIC Exit insert char mode
KEY_CLEAR Clear screen
KEY_EOS Clear to end of screen
KEY_EOL Clear to end of line
KEY_SF Scroll 1 line forward
KEY_SR Scroll 1 line backward (reverse)
KEY_NPAGE Next page
KEY_PPAGE Previous page
KEY_STAB Set tab
KEY_CTAB Clear tab
KEY_CATAB Clear all tabs
KEY_ENTER Enter or send
KEY_SRESET Soft (partial) reset
KEY_RESET Reset or hard reset
KEY_PRINT Print or copy
KEY_LL Home down or bottom
KEY_A1 Upper left of keypad
KEY_A3 Upper right of keypad
KEY_B2 Center of keypad
KEY_C1 Lower left of keypad
KEY_C3 Lower right of keypad
The virtual keypad is a 3-by-3 keypad arranged as follows:

A1 UP A3

Each legend, such as A1, corresponds to a symbolic constant for a key code from the preceding table, such as KEY_A1.

The following symbolic constants representing function key values are also defined:

Key Code Description
KEY_BTAB Back tab key
KEY_BEG Beginning key
KEY_CANCEL Cancel key
KEY_CLOSE Close key
KEY_COMMAND Cmd (command) key
KEY_COPY Copy key
KEY_CREATE Create key
KEY_END End key
KEY_EXIT Exit key
KEY_FIND Find key
KEY_HELP Help key
KEY_MARK Mark key
KEY_MESSAGE Message key
KEY_MOVE Move key
KEY_NEXT Next object key
KEY_OPEN Open key
KEY_OPTIONS Options key
KEY_PREVIOUS Previous object key
KEY_REDO Redo key
KEY_REFERENCE Reference key
KEY_REFRESH Refresh key
KEY_REPLACE Replace key
KEY_RESTART Restart key
KEY_RESUME Resume key
KEY_SAVE Save key
KEY_SBEG Shifted beginning key
KEY_SCANCEL Shifted cancel key
KEY_SCOMMAND Shifted command key
KEY_SCOPY Shifted copy key
KEY_SCREATE Shifted create key
KEY_SDC Shifted delete char key
KEY_SDL Shifted delete line key
KEY_SELECT Select key
KEY_SEND Shifted end key
KEY_SEOL Shifted clear line key
KEY_SEXIT Shifted exit key
KEY_SFIND Shifted find key
KEY_SHELP Shifted help key
KEY_SHOME Shifted home key
KEY_SIC Shifted input key
KEY_SLEFT Shifted left arrow key
KEY_SMESSAGE Shifted message key
KEY_SMOVE Shifted move key
KEY_SNEXT Shifted next key
KEY_SOPTIONS Shifted options key
KEY_SPREVIOUS Shifted prev key
KEY_SPRINT Shifted print key
KEY_SREDO Shifted redo key
KEY_SREPLACE Shifted replace key
KEY_SRIGHT Shifted right arrow
KEY_SRSUME Shifted resume key
KEY_SSAVE Shifted save key
KEY_SSUSPEND Shifted suspend key
KEY_SUNDO Shifted undo key
KEY_SUSPEND Suspend key
KEY_UNDO Undo key

 Function Prototypes
The following are declared as functions, and may also be defined as macros:

int    addch(const chtype);
int    addchnstr(const chtype *, int);
int    addchstr(const chtype *);
int    addnstr(const char *, int);
int    addnwstr(const wchar_t *, int);
int    addstr(const char *);
int    add_wch(const cchar_t *);
int    add_wchnstr(const cchar_t *, int);
int    add_wchstr(const cchar_t *);
int    addwstr(const wchar_t *);
int    attroff(int);
int    attron(int);
int    attrset(int);
int    attr_get(attr_t *, short *, void *);
int    attr_off(attr_t, void *);
int    attr_on(attr_t, void *);
int    attr_set(attr_t, short, void *);
int    baudrate(void);
int    beep(void);
int    bkgd(chtype);
void   bkgdset(chtype);
int    bkgrnd(const cchar_t *);
void   bkgrndset(const cchar_t *);
int    border(chtype, chtype, chtype, chtype, chtype, chtype, chtype,
int    border_set(const cchar_t *, const cchar_t *, const cchar_t *,
                  const cchar_t *, const cchar_t *, const cchar_t *,
                  const cchar_t *, const cchar_t *);
int    box(WINDOW *, chtype, chtype);
int    box_set(WINDOW *, const cchar_t *, const cchar_t *);
bool   can_change_color(void);
int    cbreak(void); 
int    chgat(int, attr_t, short, const void *);
int    clearok(WINDOW *, bool);
int    clear(void);
int    clrtobot(void);
int    clrtoeol(void);
int    color_content(short, short *, short *, short *);
int    COLOR_PAIR(int);
int    color_set(short,void *);
int    copywin(const WINDOW *, WINDOW *, int, int, int, int, int, int,
int    curs_set(int);
int    def_prog_mode(void);
int    def_shell_mode(void);
int    delay_output(int);
int    delch(void);
int    deleteln(void);
void   delscreen(SCREEN *); 
int    delwin(WINDOW *);
WINDOW *derwin(WINDOW *, int, int, int, int);
int    doupdate(void);
WINDOW *dupwin(WINDOW *);
int    echo(void);
int    echochar(const chtype);
int    echo_wchar(const cchar_t *);
int    endwin(void);
char   erasechar(void);
int    erase(void);
int    erasewchar(wchar_t *);
void   filter(void);
int    flash(void);
int    flushinp(void);
chtype getbkgd(WINDOW *);
int    getbkgrnd(cchar_t *);
int    getcchar(const cchar_t *, wchar_t *, attr_t *, short *, void *);
int    getch(void);
int    getnstr(char *, int);
int    getn_wstr(wint_t *, int);
int    getstr(char *);
int    get_wch(wint_t *);
WINDOW *getwin(FILE *);
int    get_wstr(wint_t *);
int    halfdelay(int);
bool   has_colors(void);
bool   has_ic(void);
bool   has_il(void);
int    hline(chtype, int);
int    hline_set(const cchar_t *, int);
void   idcok(WINDOW *, bool);
int    idlok(WINDOW *, bool);
void   immedok(WINDOW *, bool);
chtype inch(void);
int    inchnstr(chtype *, int);
int    inchstr(chtype *);
WINDOW *initscr(void);
int    init_color(short, short, short, short);
int    init_pair(short, short, short);
int    innstr(char *, int);
int    innwstr(wchar_t *, int);
int    insch(chtype);
int    insdelln(int);
int    insertln(void);
int    insnstr(const char *, int);
int    ins_nwstr(const wchar_t *, int);
int    insstr(const char *);
int    instr(char *);
int    ins_wch(const cchar_t *);
int    ins_wstr(const wchar_t *);
int    intrflush(WINDOW *, bool);
int    in_wch(cchar_t *);
int    in_wchnstr(cchar_t *, int);
int    in_wchstr(cchar_t *);
int    inwstr(wchar_t *);
bool   isendwin(void);
bool   is_linetouched(WINDOW *, int);
bool   is_wintouched(WINDOW *);
char   *keyname(int);
char   *key_name(wchar_t);
int    keypad(WINDOW *, bool);
char   killchar(void);
int    killwchar(wchar_t *);
int    leaveok(WINDOW *, bool);
char   *longname(void);
int    meta(WINDOW *, bool);
int    move(int, int);
int    mvaddch(int, int, const chtype);
int    mvaddchnstr(int, int, const chtype *, int);
int    mvaddchstr(int, int, const chtype *);
int    mvaddnstr(int, int, const char *, int);
int    mvaddnwstr(int, int, const wchar_t *, int);
int    mvaddstr(int, int, const char *);
int    mvadd_wch(int, int, const cchar_t *);
int    mvadd_wchnstr(int, int, const cchar_t *, int);
int    mvadd_wchstr(int, int, const cchar_t *);
int    mvaddwstr(int, int, const wchar_t *);
int    mvchgat(int, int, int, attr_t, short, const void *);
int    mvcur(int, int, int, int);
int    mvdelch(int, int);
int    mvderwin(WINDOW *, int, int);
int    mvgetch(int, int);
int    mvgetnstr(int, int, char *, int);
int    mvgetn_wstr(int, int, wint_t *, int);
int    mvgetstr(int, int, char *);
int    mvget_wch(int, int, wint_t *);
int    mvget_wstr(int, int, wint_t *);
int    mvhline(int, int, chtype, int);
int    mvhline_set(int, int, const cchar_t *, int);
chtype mvinch(int, int);
int    mvinchnstr(int, int, chtype *, int);
int    mvinchstr(int, int, chtype *);
int    mvinnstr(int, int, char *, int);
int    mvinnwstr(int, int, wchar_t *, int);
int    mvinsch(int, int, chtype);
int    mvinsnstr(int, int, const char *, int);
int    mvins_nwstr(int, int, const wchar_t *, int);
int    mvinsstr(int, int, const char *);
int    mvinstr(int, int, char *);
int    mvins_wch(int, int, const cchar_t *);
int    mvins_wstr(int, int, const wchar_t *);
int    mvin_wch(int, int, cchar_t *);
int    mvin_wchnstr(int, int, cchar_t *, int);
int    mvin_wchstr(int, int, cchar_t *);
int    mvinwstr(int, int, wchar_t *);
int    mvprintw(int, int, char *,  ...);
int    mvscanw(int, int, char *, ...);
int    mvvline(int, int, chtype, int);
int    mvvline_set(int, int, const cchar_t *, int);
int    mvwaddch(WINDOW *, int, int, const chtype);
int    mvwaddchnstr(WINDOW *, int, int, const chtype *, int);
int    mvwaddchstr(WINDOW *, int, int, const chtype *);
int    mvwaddnstr(WINDOW *, int, int, const char *, int);
int    mvwaddnwstr(WINDOW *, int, int, const wchar_t *, int);
int    mvwaddstr(WINDOW *, int, int, const char *);
int    mvwadd_wch(WINDOW *, int, int, const cchar_t *);
int    mvwadd_wchnstr(WINDOW *, int, int, const cchar_t *, int);
int    mvwadd_wchstr(WINDOW *, int, int, const cchar_t *);
int    mvwaddwstr(WINDOW *, int, int, const wchar_t *);
int    mvwchgat(WINDOW *, int, int, int, attr_t, short, const void *);
int    mvwdelch(WINDOW *, int, int);
int    mvwgetch(WINDOW *, int, int);
int    mvwgetnstr(WINDOW *, int, int, char *, int);
int    mvwgetn_wstr(WINDOW *, int, int, wint_t *, int);
int    mvwgetstr(WINDOW *, int, int, char *);
int    mvwget_wch(WINDOW *, int, int, wint_t *);
int    mvwget_wstr(WINDOW *, int, int, wint_t *);
int    mvwhline(WINDOW *, int, int, chtype, int);
int    mvwhline_set(WINDOW *, int, int, const cchar_t *, int);
int    mvwin(WINDOW *, int, int);
chtype mvwinch(WINDOW *, int, int);
int    mvwinchnstr(WINDOW *, int, int, chtype *, int);
int    mvwinchstr(WINDOW *, int, int, chtype *);
int    mvwinnstr(WINDOW *, int, int, char *, int);
int    mvwinnwstr(WINDOW *, int, int, wchar_t *, int);
int    mvwinsch(WINDOW *, int, int, chtype);
int    mvwinsnstr(WINDOW *, int, int, const char *, int);
int    mvwins_nwstr(WINDOW *, int, int, const wchar_t *, int);
int    mvwinsstr(WINDOW *, int, int, const char *);
int    mvwinstr(WINDOW *, int, int, char *);
int    mvwins_wch(WINDOW *, int, int, const cchar_t *);
int    mvwins_wstr(WINDOW *, int, int, const wchar_t *);
int    mvwin_wch(WINDOW *, int, int, cchar_t *);
int    mvwin_wchnstr(WINDOW *, int, int, cchar_t *, int);
int    mvwin_wchstr(WINDOW *, int, int, cchar_t *);
int    mvwinwstr(WINDOW *, int, int, wchar_t *);
int    mvwprintw(WINDOW *, int, int, char *, ...);
int    mvwscanw(WINDOW *, int, int, char *, ...);
int    mvwvline(WINDOW *, int, int, chtype, int);
int    mvwvline_set(WINDOW *, int, int, const cchar_t *, int);
int    napms(int);
WINDOW *newpad(int, int);
SCREEN *newterm(char *, FILE *, FILE *);
WINDOW *newwin(int, int, int, int);
int    nl(void);
int    nocbreak(void);
int    nodelay(WINDOW *, bool);
int    noecho(void);
int    nonl(void);
void   noqiflush(void);
int    noraw(void);
int    notimeout(WINDOW *, bool);
int    overlay(const WINDOW *, WINDOW *);
int    overwrite(const WINDOW *, WINDOW *);
int    pair_content(short, short *, short *);
int    PAIR_NUMBER(int);
int    pechochar(WINDOW *, chtype);
int    pecho_wchar(WINDOW *, const cchar_t*);
int    pnoutrefresh(WINDOW *, int, int, int, int, int, int);
int    prefresh(WINDOW *, int, int, int, int, int, int);
int    printw(char *, ...);
int    putp(const char *);
int    putwin(WINDOW *, FILE *);
void   qiflush(void);
int    raw(void);
int    redrawwin(WINDOW *);
int    refresh(void);
int    reset_prog_mode(void);
int    reset_shell_mode(void);
int    resetty(void);
int    ripoffline(int, int (*)(WINDOW *, int));
int    savetty(void);
int    scanw(char *, ...);
int    scr_dump(const char *);
int    scr_init(const char *);
int    scrl(int);
int    scroll(WINDOW *);
int    scrollok(WINDOW *, bool);
int    scr_restore(const char *);
int    scr_set(const char *);
int    setcchar(cchar_t*, const wchar_t*, const attr_t, short,
                const void*);
int    setscrreg(int, int);
SCREEN *set_term(SCREEN *);
int    setupterm(char *, int, int *);
int    slk_attr_off(const attr_t, void *);
int    slk_attroff(const chtype);
int    slk_attr_on(const attr_t, void *);
int    slk_attron(const chtype);
int    slk_attr_set(const attr_t, short, void *);
int    slk_attrset(const chtype);
int    slk_clear(void);
int    slk_color(short);
int    slk_init(int);
char   *slk_label(int);
int    slk_noutrefresh(void);
int    slk_refresh(void);
int    slk_restore(void);
int    slk_set(int, const char *, int);
int    slk_touch(void);
int    slk_wset(int, const wchar_t *, int);
int    standend(void);
int    standout(void);
int    start_color(void);
WINDOW *subpad(WINDOW *, int, int, int, int);
WINDOW *subwin(WINDOW *, int, int, int, int);
int    syncok(WINDOW *, bool);
chtype termattrs(void);
attr_t term_attrs(void);
char   *termname(void);
int    tigetflag(char *);
int    tigetnum(char *);
char   *tigetstr(char *);
void   timeout(int);
int    touchline(WINDOW *, int, int);
int    touchwin(WINDOW *);
char   *tparm(char *, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long,
int    typeahead(int);
int    ungetch(int);
int    unget_wch(const wchar_t);
int    untouchwin(WINDOW *);
void   use_env(bool);
int    vid_attr(attr_t, short, void *);
int    vidattr(chtype);
int    vid_puts(attr_t, short, void *, int (*)(int));
int    vidputs(chtype, int (*)(int));
int    vline(chtype, int);
int    vline_set(const cchar_t *, int);
int    vwprintw(WINDOW *, char *, va_list *);
int    vw_printw(WINDOW *, char *, va_list *);
int    vwscanw(WINDOW *, char *, va_list *);
int    vw_scanw(WINDOW *, char *, va_list *);
int    waddch(WINDOW *, const chtype);
int    waddchnstr(WINDOW *, const chtype *, int);
int    waddchstr(WINDOW *, const chtype *);
int    waddnstr(WINDOW *, const char *, int);
int    waddnwstr(WINDOW *, const wchar_t *, int);
int    waddstr(WINDOW *, const char *);
int    wadd_wch(WINDOW *, const cchar_t *);
int    wadd_wchnstr(WINDOW *, const cchar_t *, int);
int    wadd_wchstr(WINDOW *, const cchar_t *);
int    waddwstr(WINDOW *, const wchar_t *);
int    wattroff(WINDOW *, int);
int    wattron(WINDOW *, int);
int    wattrset(WINDOW *, int);
int    wattr_get(WINDOW *, attr_t *, short *, void *);
int    wattr_off(WINDOW *, attr_t, void *);
int    wattr_on(WINDOW *, attr_t, void *);
int    wattr_set(WINDOW *, attr_t, short, void *);
int    wbkgd(WINDOW *, chtype);
void   wbkgdset(WINDOW *, chtype);
int    wbkgrnd(WINDOW *, const cchar_t *);
void   wbkgrndset(WINDOW *, const cchar_t *);
int    wborder(WINDOW *, chtype, chtype, chtype, chtype, chtype, chtype,
               chtype, chtype);
int    wborder_set(WINDOW *, const cchar_t *, const cchar_t *,
                  const cchar_t *, const cchar_t *, const cchar_t *,
                  const cchar_t *, const cchar_t *, const cchar_t *);
int    wchgat(WINDOW *, int, attr_t, short, const void *);
int    wclear(WINDOW *);
int    wclrtobot(WINDOW *);
int    wclrtoeol(WINDOW *);
void   wcursyncup(WINDOW *);
int    wcolor_set(WINDOW *, short, void *);
int    wdelch(WINDOW *);
int    wdeleteln(WINDOW *);
int    wechochar(WINDOW *, const chtype);
int    wecho_wchar(WINDOW *, const cchar_t *);
int    werase(WINDOW *);
int    wgetbkgrnd(WINDOW *, cchar_t *);
int    wgetch(WINDOW *);
int    wgetnstr(WINDOW *, char *, int);
int    wgetn_wstr(WINDOW *, wint_t *, int);
int    wgetstr(WINDOW *, char *);
int    wget_wch(WINDOW *, wint_t *);
int    wget_wstr(WINDOW *, wint_t *);
int    whline(WINDOW *, chtype, int);
int    whline_set(WINDOW *, const cchar_t *, int);
chtype winch(WINDOW *);
int    winchnstr(WINDOW *, chtype *, int);
int    winchstr(WINDOW *, chtype *);
int    winnstr(WINDOW *, char *, int);
int    winnwstr(WINDOW *, wchar_t *, int);
int    winsch(WINDOW *, chtype);
int    winsdelln(WINDOW *, int);
int    winsertln(WINDOW *);
int    winsnstr(WINDOW *, const char *, int);
int    wins_nwstr(WINDOW *, const wchar_t *, int);
int    winsstr(WINDOW *, const char *);
int    winstr(WINDOW *, char *);
int    wins_wch(WINDOW *, const cchar_t *);
int    wins_wstr(WINDOW *, const wchar_t *);
int    win_wch(WINDOW *, cchar_t *);
int    win_wchnstr(WINDOW *, cchar_t *, int);
int    win_wchstr(WINDOW *, cchar_t *);
int    winwstr(WINDOW *, wchar_t *);
int    wmove(WINDOW *, int, int);
int    wnoutrefresh(WINDOW *);
int    wprintw(WINDOW *, char *, ...);
int    wredrawln(WINDOW *, int, int);
int    wrefresh(WINDOW *);
int    wscanw(WINDOW *, char *, ...);
int    wscrl(WINDOW *, int);
int    wsetscrreg(WINDOW *, int, int);
int    wstandend(WINDOW *);
int    wstandout(WINDOW *);
void   wsyncup(WINDOW *);
void   wsyncdown(WINDOW *);
void   wtimeout(WINDOW *, int);
int    wtouchln(WINDOW *, int, int, int);
wchar_t *wunctrl(cchar_t *);
int    wvline(WINDOW *, chtype, int);
int    wvline_set(WINDOW *, const cchar_t *, int);


<stdio.h> (in the XSH specification), <term.h>, <termios.h> (in the XSH specification), <unctrl.h>, <wchar.h> (in the XSH specification).

UNIX ® is a registered Trademark of The Open Group.
Copyright © 1997 The Open Group
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