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A property of a window that specifies a character (the background character) and a rendition to be used in a variety of situations. See Window Properties .

 Curses window

Data structures, which can be thought of as two-dimensional arrays of characters that represent screen displays. These data structures are manipulated with Curses functions.

 cursor position

The line and column position on the screen denoted by the terminal's cursor.

 empty wide-character string

A wide-character string whose first element is a null wide-character code.

 erase character

A special input character that deletes the last character in the current line, if there is one.

 kill character

A special input character that deletes all data in the current line, if there are any.

 null chtype

A chtype with all bits set to zero.

 null wide-character code

A wide-character code with all bits set to zero.


A window that is not necessarily associated with a viewable part of a screen.

 parent window

A window that has subwindows or derived windows associated with it.


The rendition of a character displayed on the screen is its attributes  and a colour pair.


An opaque Curses data type that is associated with the display screen.


A window, created within another window, but positioned relative to that other window. Changes made to a subwindow do not affect its parent window. A derived window differs from a subwindow only in that it is positioned relative to the origin of its parent window. Changes to a parent window will affect both subwindows and derived windows.


To set a flag in a window that indicates that the information in the window could differ from the that displayed on the terminal device.

 wide-character code (C language)

An integer value corresponding to a single graphic symbol or control code.

 wide-character string

A contiguous sequence of wide-character codes terminated by and including the first null wide-character code.


A two-dimensional array of characters representing all or part of the terminal screen. The term window in this document means one of the data structures maintained by the Curses implementation, unless specified otherwise. (This document does not define the interaction between the Curses implementation and other windowing system paradigms.)

 window hierarchy

The aggregate of a parent window and all of its subwindows and derived windows.
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