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w - pointer page for functions with w prefix


Most uses of the w prefix indicate that a Curses function takes a win argument that specifies the affected window. (The corresponding functions without the w prefix operate on the current window.) The wunctrl() function is an exception to this rule and has an entry under its own name.

The w functions are discussed together with the corresponding functions without the w prefix. They are found on the following entries:

Function Refer to
waddch() addch()
waddchnstr() addchstr()
waddchstr() addchstr()
waddnstr() addnstr()
waddstr() addnstr()
waddnwstr() addnwstr()
waddwstr() addnwstr()
wadd_wch() add_wch()
wadd_wchnstr() add_wchnstr()
wadd_wchstr() add_wchnstr()
wattroff() attroff()
wattron() attroff()
wattrset() attroff()
wattr_get() attr_get()
wattr_off() attr_get()
wattr_on() attr_get()
wattr_set() attr_get()
wbkgd() bkgd()
wbkgdset() bkgd()
wbkgrnd() bkgrnd()
wbkgrndset() bkgrnd()
wborder() border()
wborder_set() border_set()
wchgat() chgat()
wclear() clear()
wclrtobot() clrtobot()
wclrtoeol() clrtoeol()
wcursyncup() * syncok()
There is no corresponding function without the w prefix.
wdelch() delch()
wdeleteln() deleteln()
wechochar() echochar()
wecho_wchar() echo_wchar()
werase() clear()
wgetbkgrnd() bkgrnd()
wgetch() getch()
wgetnstr() getnstr()
wgetn_wstr() getn_wstr()
wgetstr() getnstr()
wget_wch() get_wch()
wget_wstr() getn_wstr()
whline() hline()
whline_set() hline_set()
winch() inch()
winchnstr() inchnstr()
winchstr() inchnstr()
winnstr() innstr()
winnwstr() innwstr()
winsch() insch()
winsdelln() insdelln()
winsertln() insertln()
winsnstr() insnstr()
winsstr() insnstr()
winstr() innstr()
wins_nwstr() ins_nwstr()
wins_wch() ins_wch()
wins_wstr() ins_nwstr()
winwstr() innwstr()
win_wch() in_wch()
win_wchnstr() in_wchnstr()
win_wchstr() in_wchnstr()
wmove() move()
wnoutrefresh() * doupdate()
wprintw() mvprintw()
wredrawln() redrawwin()
wrefresh() doupdate()
wscanw() mvscanw()
wscrl() scrl()
wsetscrreg() clearok()
wstandend() standend()
wstandout() standend()
wsyncdown() * syncok()
wsyncup() * syncok()
wtimeout() notimeout()
wtouchln() * is_linetouched()
wvline() hline()
wvline_set() hline_set()
(*) There is no corresponding function without the w prefix.

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