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catgets - read a program message


#include <nl_types.h>

char *catgets(nl_catd catd, int set_id, int msg_id, const char *s);


The catgets() function attempts to read message msg_id, in set set_id, from the message catalogue identified by catd. The catd argument is a message catalogue descriptor returned from an earlier call to catopen(). The s argument points to a default message string which will be returned by catgets() if it cannot retrieve the identified message.

This interface need not be reentrant.


If the identified message is retrieved successfully, catgets() returns a pointer to an internal buffer area containing the null-terminated message string. If the call is unsuccessful for any reason, s is returned and errno may be set to indicate the error.


The catgets() function may fail if:
The catd argument is not a valid message catalogue descriptor open for reading.
The message identified by set_id and msg_id in the specified message catalog did not satisfy implementation-dependent security criteria.
The read operation was terminated due to the receipt of a signal, and no data was transferred.
The message catalog identified by catd is corrupted.
The message identified by set_id and msg_id is not in the message catalog.








catclose(), catopen(), <nl_types.h>.

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