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wctype - define character class


#include <wctype.h>

wctype_t wctype(const char *property);


The wctype() function is defined for valid character class names as defined in the current locale. The property is a string identifying a generic character class for which codeset-specific type information is required. The following character class names are defined in all locales - "alnum", "alpha", "blank" "cntrl", "digit", "graph", "lower", "print", "punct", "space", "upper" and "xdigit".

Additional character class names defined in the locale definition file (category LC_CTYPE) can also be specified.

The function returns a value of type wctype_t, which can be used as the second argument to subsequent calls of iswctype(). The wctype() function determines values of wctype_t according to the rules of the coded character set defined by character type information in the program's locale (category LC_CTYPE). The values returned by wctype() are valid until a call to setlocale() that modifies the category LC_CTYPE.


The wctype() function returns 0 if the given character class name is not valid for the current locale (category LC_CTYPE), otherwise it returns an object of type wctype_t that can be used in calls to iswctype().


No errors are defined.








iswctype(), <wctype.h>, <wchar.h>.

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