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X/Open Single Sign-on Service (XSSO) -<br> Pluggable Authentication Modules

X/Open Single Sign-on Service (XSSO) -
Pluggable Authentication Modules
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pam_end - terminates the PAM transaction


#include <security/pam_appl.h>

int pam_end ( pam_handle_t *pamh, int status, );


The pam_end() function terminates the PAM transaction referred to by pamh. The function frees any storage allocated by the PAM modules. status is passed to the cleanup() function stored within the pam handle, pamh, and is used to determine what module-specific state must be purged. A cleanup function is attached to the handle by the underlying PAM modules through a call to pam_set_data().

The arguments for pam_end() are:

pamh (in)

The PAM authentication handle, obtained from a previous call to pam_start().

status (in)

Used to determine the module-specific state which needs to be purged. This is typically the status of the last PAM call.


One of the following PAM return codes shall be returned:


Successful completion.


System error.


Memory buffer error.

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