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Systems Management: Topology Service

Systems Management: Topology Service
Copyright © 1997 The Open Group

Data Definitions

This chapter contains a description of the data definitions used in the Topology Service modules.

Topology.idl Definitions

#if !defined (TOPOLOGY_IDL)
module Topology {

	// NOTE: it is hoped that the PartitionedIdentifier will be
	// incorporated into the standard COS ObjectIdentity module

	struct PartitionedIdentifier {
		string id_context;
		string id_base;

	typedef sequence<PartitionedIdentifier> IdList;

	struct TopologicalEntity {
		PartitionedIdentifier id;
		Object obj;

	typedef sequence <TopologicalEntity> TopologicalEntityList;
	typedef string TopologicalTypeName;
	typedef sequence <TopologicalTypeName> TopologicalTypeNameList;

	struct Association {
		TopologicalEntity entity1;
		string role1;
		TopologicalEntity entity2;
		string role2;

	typedef sequence <Association> AssociationList;

	exception SchemaViolation {};
	exception AggregationConstraintViolation{};
	exception NotManaged{};
	exception TransactionWillRollback{};
	exception ServerNotContactable{};
	exception NoSuchType{};
	exception RoleNotSupported{};
	exception InconsistentData{};
	exception InvalidRoleName{};
	exception InvalidTypeName{};
#endif  // TOPOLOGY_IDL

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