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Directory: LDAP Features for Certification
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This document presents an analysis of the features of the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, Version 3 (LDAP v3), as a basis for the LDAP Certified Product Standard.1

LDAP v3 is specified by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) in a number of their Requests For Comments (RFCs). These RFCs are identified by IETF RFC 3377. This presents a problem for organizations that wish to use products that are LDAP clients or servers. Those organizations need to know whether servers will support the client applications that they want to use, and need to know whether client applications will interoperate with the servers that they have.

The LDAP Certified and LDAP Ready certification programs meet these needs for information. A server that is LDAP Certified is warranted by its vendor to support a particular set of clearly identified features of LDAP. Such a set of features is an LDAP Profile. An application that is LDAP Ready is warranted by its vendor to interoperate with any LDAP Certified server that supports the LDAP Profile that it requires.

This document contains:

The functional requirements that LDAP servers must meet in order to be LDAP Certified are stated in the LDAP Certified Product Standard. The options within the LDAP Certified Product Standard that products support are detailed in their LDAP Certified Conformance Statements. The features that LDAP Ready products require are detailed in their LDAP Ready Conditions Statements.

The LDAP Certified Product Standard, LDAP Certified Conformance Statements, and LDAP Ready Conditions Statements make normative references to the descriptions of LDAP Profiles in LDAP Profiles and the list of DDAP Features in LDAP Features.

The overview of Directory Solutions in Directory Solutions is presented for information purposes. It does not state any normative requirements on products for LDAP Certified or LDAP Ready certification.


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IETF RFC 3377, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (v3): Technical Specification, September 2002.

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