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Transport Provider Interface (TPI), Version 2 Draft 2
Copyright © 1999 The Open Group


T_BIND_ACK - Bind Protocol Address Acknowledgment


This message consists of one M_PCPROTO message block formatted as follows:

struct T_bind_ack {
    t_scalar_t    PRIM_type;      /* Always T_BIND_ACK */
    t_scalar_t    ADDR_length;
    t_scalar_t    ADDR_offset;
    t_uscalar_t   CONIND_number;


This primitive indicates to the transport user that the specified protocol address has been bound to the stream, that the specified number of connect indications are allowed to be queued by the transport provider for the specified protocol address, and that the stream associated with the specified protocol address has been activated.



indicates the primitive type.


is the length of the protocol address that was bound to the stream.


is the offset from the beginning of the M_PCPROTO block where the protocol address begins.


is the accepted number of connect indications allowed to be outstanding by the transport provider for the specified protocol address.

Note that this field does not apply to connectionless transport providers.

The proper alignment of the address in the M_PCPROTO message block is not guaranteed.


The following rules apply to the binding of the specified protocol address to the stream:

The following rules apply to negotiating the CONIND_number argument:


If the above rules result in an error condition, then the transport provider must issue an T_ERROR_ACK primitive to the transport user specifying the error as defined in the description of the T_BIND_REQ primitive.


Both connection-mode and connectionless-mode.


Transport provider.

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