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Transport Provider Interface (TPI), Version 2 Draft 2
Copyright © 1999 The Open Group


T_CAPABILITY_REQ - protocol capability acknowledgment


This message consists of an M_PROTO or M_PCPROTO message containing a struct T_capability_req which contains (at least) the following members:

int32_t     PRIM_type;    /* always T_CAPABILITY_REQ  */
                          /* must be the first field! */
uint32_t    CAP_bits1;    /* capability bits #1       */


This primitive notifies the provider that the user requests certain provider information and capabilities, and that it can make use of various TPI features as encoded in the CAP_bits1 field (see below).


The fields of this message have the following meanings:


This indicates the primitive type and is always T_CAPABILITY_REQ. This field must be strictly the first field to allow receivers to determine the message type.


This is a 32-bit field with zero or more of the following bits set, all other bits must be zero:


If set, his bit requests the provider information as if the T_CAPABILITY_REQ were a T_INFO_REQ.


If set, this bit requests that the provider supply an acceptor identifier for use in a T_CONN_RES.


In addition the following bit is reserved for future use: TC1_CAP_BITS2.

This bit may later be used to enable another 32 capability bits, but must not currently be set.


This primitive may be sent at any time. It can be sent as either an M_PROTO or M_PCPROTO, and must be responded to with the same message type as itself.


Both connection-mode and connectionless-mode.


Transport user.

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