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Transport Provider Interface (TPI), Version 2 Draft 2
Copyright © 1999 The Open Group

Transport Primitives

The following table lists the TPI primitives with a brief description, and gives the streams message type.

Transport Primitives Description Stream Message
T_ADDR_REQ Get Protocol Address Request M_PCPROTO
T_ADDR_ACK Protocol Address Acknowledgement M_PCPROTO
T_BIND_REQ Bind Protocol Address Request M_PROTO
T_BIND_ACK Bind Protocol Address Acknowledgement M_PCPROTO
T_CONN_REQ Connection Request M_PROTO
T_CONN_IND Connection Indication M_PROTO
T_CONN_RES Connection Response M_PROTO
T_CONN_CON Connection Confirm M_PROTO
T_DATA_IND Data Indication M_PROTO
T_DISCON_REQ Disconnect Request M_PROTO
T_DISCON_IND Disconnect Indication M_PROTO
T_ERROR_ACK Error Acknowledgement M_PCPROTO
T_EXDATA_REQ Expedited Data Request M_PROTO
T_EXDATA_IND Expedited Data Indication M_PROTO
T_INFO_REQ Transport Protocol Parameters Request M_PCPROTO
T_INFO_ACK Transport Protocol Parameters Acknowledgement M_PCPROTO
T_OK_ACK Success Acknowledgement M_PCPROTO
T_OPTDATA_REQ Data Request with Options M_PROTO
T_OPTDATA_IND Data Indication with Options M_PROTO
T_OPTMGMT_REQ Options Management Request M_PROTO
T_OPTMGMT_ACK Options Management Acknowledgement M_PCPROTO
T_ORDREL_REQ Orderly Release Request M_PROTO
T_ORDREL_IND Orderly Release Indication M_PROTO
T_UDERROR_IND Unitdata Error Indication M_PROTO
T_UNBIND_REQ Unbind Protocol Address Request M_PROTO
T_UNITDATA_IND Unitdata Indication M_PROTO

Table: Transport Service Primitives

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