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Transport Provider Interface (TPI), Version 2 Draft 2
Copyright © 1999 The Open Group

TPI Message Formats


include <sys/tihdr.h>

The Transport Provider Interface (TPI) Message Formats define the message formats (structures) used by the service primitives. These are classified as connection-mode, connectionless-mode, or both. They are further classified as being either user-originated or provider-originated.

Two types are used to build the TPI primitives. The normative definitions of t_scalar_t and t_uscalar_t are to be found in the Networking Services Specification (see the referenced XNS specification ), but are repeated here for informational purposes.

t_scalar_t and t_uscalar_t are, respectively, a signed and an unsigned opaque integral type of equal length of at least 32 bits1.


To forestall portability problems, it is recommended that applications should not use values larger than 232 - 1.

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