Transport Provider Interface (TPI), Version 2
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Transport Provider Interface (TPI), Version 2
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This Document
The Transport Provider Interface (TPI) defines an interface for drivers that provide transport services. The TPI specifies the set of messages and their formats which the driver must generate or process.

TPI was originally specified by UNIX International (UI). UI intellectual property rights were subsequently acquired by UNIX System Laboratories (USL), who in turn were later acquired by Novell Inc. See also the Acknowledgements page. The Open Group first published its TPI CAE Specification in July 1997 (Document Number C615).

This TPI specification is now revised and published as an Open Group Technical Standard. It supersedes the TPI CAE Specification C615.

Intended Audience
This specification assumes the reader is familiar with OSI Reference Model terminology, OSI transport services and STREAMS.
The structure of this specifications is:
Typographical Conventions
The following typographical conventions are used throughout this document:

Trade Marks

Motif®, OSF/1®, UNIX®, and the "X Device" are registered trademarks and IT DialToneTM; and The Open GroupTM; are trademarks of The Open Group in the U.S. and other countries.


The original TPI Specification was produced by UNIX International (UI). UI intellectual property rights subsequently passed to UNIX System Laboratories (USL), who in turn were acquired by Novell Inc.

The Open Group acknowledges Novell's contribution of their TPI 2.01 specification as the base document from which the February 1997 TPI Specification (C615) was developed.

Referenced Documents

The following documents are referenced in this specification:

ISO/IEC 8072

ISO 8072:1986, Information Processing Systems - Open Systems Interconnection - Transport Service Definition.


UNIX Press (A Prentice Hall Title) book "STREAMS Modules and Drivers", published 1992, ISBN 0-13-066879-6.

XNS, Issue 5

CAE Specification, February 1997, Networking Services, Issue 5 (ISBN: 1-85912-165-9, C523), published by The Open Group.

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