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Resource ReSerVation Protocol API (RAPI)
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Error Handling


Errors can be detected synchronously or asynchronously.

When an error is detected synchronously, a RAPI error code is returned via the Errnop argument of rapi_session(), or as the function return value of rapi_sender(), rapi_reserve(), rapi_release() or rapi_dispatch().

When an error is detected asynchronously, it is indicated by a RAPI_PATH_ERROR or RAPI_RESV_ERROR event. An RSVP error code and error value are then contained in the ErrorCode and ErrorValue arguments of the event upcall function. In case of an API error (RSVP error code 20), a RAPI error code is contained in the ErrorValue argument.

A description of RSVP error codes and values can be found in Appendix B of the referenced RFC 2205.

RAPI Error Codes

No error

Invalid parameter

Too many sessions

Session identity out of legal range

Wrong filter number or flow number for style

Illegal reservation style

A system error has occurred; its nature may be indicated by errno

Parameter list overflow

Not enough memory

RSVP implementation internal error

Invalid object type

Invalid object length

No sender Tspec

Invalid Integrated Services parameter format

IPSEC: Conflicting C-type

IPSEC: Protocol not AH or ESP

IPSEC: vDstPort is zero

IPSEC: invalid parameters for GPI_SESSION flag, or other parameter error

Sender address not my interface

Receiver address not my interface

Invalid source port: the source port is non-zero when the destination port is zero.

Unsupported feature

Unknown error

Note that [RAPI_ERR_BADSEND], [RAPI_ERR_BADRECV] and [RAPI_ERR_BADSPORT] occur only asynchronously, as the ErrorValue when the ErrorCode is 20 (API error).

RSVP Error Codes

Symbol Value Meaning
RSVP_Err_NONE 0 No error (confirmation)
RSVP_Err_ADMISSION 1 Admission control failure
RSVP_Err_POLICY 2 Policy control failure
RSVP_Err_NO_PATH 3 No path information
RSVP_Err_NO_SENDER 4 No sender information
RSVP_Err_BAD_STYLE 5 Conflicting style
RSVP_Err_UNKNOWN_STYLE 6 Unknown style
RSVP_Err_BAD_DSTPORT 7 Conflicting destination port in session
RSVP_Err_BAD_SNDPORT 8 Conflicting source port
  9 reserved
  10 reserved
  11 reserved
RSVP_Err_PREEMPTED 12 Service preempted
RSVP_Err_UNKN_OBJ_CLASS 13 Unknown object class
RSVP_Err_UNKNOWN_CTYPE 14 Unknown object C-Type
  15 reserved
  16 reserved
  17 reserved
  18 reserved
  19 reserved
RSVP_Err_TC_ERROR 21 Traffic control error
RSVP_Err_TC_SYS_ERROR 22 Traffic control system error
RSVP_Err_RSVP_SYS_ERROR 23 RSVP system error

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