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Systems Management: Application Response Measurement (ARM) API
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Instrumenting an Application

Basic Tasks

There are three basic tasks involved in instrumenting an application with the ARM API.

  1. Define the key business transactions. This is the most important step. Each application developer needs to define who needs what kind of data, and what the data will be used for. It is common and useful for this process to be a joint collaboration between the users and developers of an application, and system and network administrators. There are two kinds of transactions that will generally provide the greatest benefit if they are instrumented. The following procedure is suggested:

  2. Modify the application to include calls to the ARM API1. The key activity here is to decide where to place calls to the ARM API, by carefully defining the start and end of key business transactions.

  3. Install an ARM-compliant agent and associated management applications2. The distributed applications can then be monitored.

What to Instrument

The Application Response Measurement API is designed to instrument a unit of work, such as a business transaction, that is sensitive to performance time. These transactions should be something that needs to be measured, monitored, and for which corrective action can be taken if the performance is determined to be too slow.

This API is not designed to be a programmer profiling tool. The measurement agents using data generated by this API are designed to give application/system managers data to understand how their environment is performing, and whether all services are available.

For information on measurement agents that do transaction monitoring, refer to the CMG web site at Links may be found on this site to commercially available measurement agent solutions.

Some questions you may want to ask yourself when instrumenting a transaction are:


The NULL libraries and logging agent which are available in the ARM SDK (see The ARM Software Developers Kit (SDK) ) can be used for initial testing.

If the NULL libraries or logging agent of the ARM SDK were used for testing, then they would be replaced by these ARM-compliant agent and associated management applications.

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