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Systems Management: Software License Use Management (XSLM)
Copyright © 1999 The Open Group

Management API

This chapter describes all license use management-related API functions. First, there is a listing of all functions, ordered by category. Following this, there is an alphabetical listing of all management API functions.

Note that there is a notion of functional level of the Management API. Refer to Function Sets and Functional Towers for more information on levels of the Management API.

Server-Related Functions

XMAPI Function Usage
xslm_query_servers() Provides a list of all addressable servers.
xslm_query_server_info() Provides a list of all data elements supported by a specific server.

Certificate-Related Functions

XMAPI Function Usage
xslm_get_certificate() Retrieves a specific license certificate.
xslm_install_certificate() Installs a license certificate, making it available for use.
xslm_query_cert_ids() Requests certificate key-information.
xslm_query_next_level_cert_names() Requests certificate key-information in external format.
xslm_remove_certificate() Removes specific license certificate.
xslm_set_admin_policy() Sets administrator-specified certificate-related values.

License Instance-Related Functions

XMAPI Function Usage
xslm_get_license_instances() Requests all instance-related data for specified certificate key data elements.
xslm_release_license_instance() Releases a license-use instance.

Log-Related Functions

XMAPI Function Usage
xslm_get_log_data() Retrieve one or more log records.

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