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Systems Management: Software License Use Management (XSLM)
Copyright © 1999 The Open Group




#include <libxslm.h>

xslm_uint32 xslm_install_certificate(
    xslm_uuid       server_id,
    xslm_uint32     certificate_length,
    xslm_cert_t     * certificate,
    xslm_uint32     * annotation_length,
    xslm_string     * annotation,
    xslm_uint32     data_element_error_offset,
    xslm_uint32     value_error_offset,
    xslm_uint32     * status,
    xslm_uint32     auth_token,
    xslm_bin_string * auth_signature,
    xslm_uuid       * auth_lic_sys_id


xslm_install_certificate() installs a certificate into a license server. The certificate is installed only when all of the following are true: the certificate structure is valid; all the certificate values are valid; this specific certificate is not already installed; except for publisher-specific data elements, all other certificate functions are supported by the server; the certificate has a valid digital signature.



Identification of server to which this request is being directed.


Length of the certificate structure to be installed.


The certificate structure to be installed.


Arbitrary textual data to be maintained together with the certificate.


A 32-bit arbitrary value created by the application and used as part of the licensing system authentication process. See Process Description for more information.



Length in bytes of the annotation data. Specify a value of 0 to indicate that no annotation data should be saved. A licensing server must support a length of at least 4,096 bytes, but may support any length longer than this. If the actual value passed in this parameter exceeds the maximum value the licensing server will reject the certificate installation request, and will place in this field the maximum value it can accept.



Offset from the start of the certificate structure to the certificate data element where the license server detected the error reported with the status value.


Offset from the start of the certificate data element to the value where the license server detected the error value reported with the status value. Note that a null value indicates that the data element itself is in error rather than the values which follow the data element.


Completion status. Detailed error code directly addressable by the caller. This value is set of XSLM_OK if no error occurred. For other messages, see ERRORS.


An area large enough to contain a 16-byte digital signature created by the licensing system from the input parameters and auth_token. Used as part of the licensing system authentication process.


A unique identifier for the particular type of licensing system handling the current license instance. Used as part of the licensing system authentication process.



Query completed successfully


Communications problem


Problems with the license and/or certificate


Resources unavailable


Bad parameters passed


Requester is not authorized


The xslm_install_certificate() call requests the license server to install the license certificate being passed on the call. For a select set of XSLM_CERT_ERR errors, the license server will return the value of the offset from the beginning of the certificate to the first data element whose associated value represents an invalid value, a certificate structure problem, or a function that is not supported by this license server.


The function return value gives an overall indication of the success or failure of the call. In addition, the status parameter will be set to one of the following values, to further help point to the reason for a failed request.
In the future, additional values may be defined for the status variable. An application must not rely upon these being the only possible values.

Return Value Status Value Explanation
XSLM_OK XSLM_STATUS_OK No errors occurred. Certificate installed
XSLM_COMM_ERR XSLM_COMM_UNAVAIL Communications problem
XSLM_CERT_ERR XSLM_INVALID_STRUCTURE Invalid certificate structure encountered
  XSLM_INVALID_VALUES Invalid certificate value encountered
  XSLM_CERT_VALIDITY_FAILURE Certificate validity check failed. Certificate content is different to that provided by the license certificate issuer.
  XSLM_DUPLICATE_CERT License certificate already installed on license server
  XSLM_CERT_NOT_SUPPORTED License certificate not supported by license server
XSM_RESRC_UNAVAIL XSLM_NO_RES Local platform specific environmental problems
  XSLM_SERVER_ERROR Unrecoverable environmental error was encountered by the license server
XSLM_PARM_ERR XSLM_BAD_PARM One or more parameters were not correct
  XSLM_BAD_BUFFER_LENGTH The value specified for annotation_length exceeds the maximum value the server can support
  XSLM_BAD_SERVER_ID The server_id specified does not correspond to a known server
XSLM_AUTH_ERROR XSLM_NOT_AUTHORIZED The requester is not authorized to perform the requested action


xslm_get_certificate(), xslm_remove_certificate().

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