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Practical Guide to the Open Brand
Copyright © January 1998 The Open Group

How to Use this Guide

This Guide is designed primarily for those who wish to apply for the Open Brand, although it will be of value to those who, for procurement purposes, wish to examine the requirements and establish the exact terms for Product Registration. Suppliers familiar with the Open Brand will go straight to How to Achieve the Open Brand, referring to the other chapters for the detail as necessary. For readers unfamiliar with the Open Brand we recommend reading the Introduction, referring as necessary to the individual chapters for explanation of Product Standards, Conformance Statements, Indicators of Compliance, Testing, and so on.

Information is maintained on The Open Group web site at where readers can find a glossary of terms. Between this Guide and the web site, you will find everything you need.

A summary of external references is given below:  Starting point.  Directory of Registered Products.  Current set of Product Standards.  Catalog of Specifications and books.  Architecture Framework.  Standards Information Base.  Testing Technology information.  Product Registration Checklists.  Conformance Statements and Conformance Statement Questionnaires (CSQs).  Publications Corrigenda.  Interpretations/Temporary Waiver process.  Interpretations Database.

Since some of the detailed information, such as the Product Standards, is subject to change, an approach to the Conformance Administrator (email conformance (at) The Open Group ) will bring practical help and support.

It is recommended that you contact the Conformance Administrator before starting any Product Registration activity.

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