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Practical Guide to the Open Brand
Copyright © January 1998 The Open Group

Product Registration

Each product to be registered needs to be the subject of a complete, authorized Product Registration Form. The completed and signed Product Registration Form should be sent with supporting materials together with an accompanying cover letter and the purchase order details. Supporting materials should include hard copy and electronic documentation as appropriate: the completed Conformance Statement and the test report(s) or certificate(s) that serve as Indicators of Compliance.

The Conformance Administrator (email can provide the appropriate Product Registration Form and Checklists tailored for each Product Standard. This identifies the supporting materials required for that Product Standard.

Alternative methods of Product Registration involving the use of The Open Group web site are being developed and will be available at The procedures will be linked to the Trademark License Agreement application, where a hard copy or facsimile signature is already required, to provide full electronic Product Registration without the need to transmit hard copy or facsimile copies of the signature page of the Product Registration Form.

The Conformance Administrator can advise on appropriate fees and will prompt for renewal of each Product Registration.

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