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This document provides an overview of the key enabling wireless technologies and hindrances to the early adoption of wireless data solutions, and thus defines the market drivers behind the foundation of the Mobile Management Forum (MMF) by The Open Group. It also sets out proposals for specific activity within the Mobile Management Forum.

This document can be expected to evolve to reflect changes in the market and technology, and discussions within the Mobile Management Forum itself.

The Open Group

The Open Group, a vendor and technology-neutral global consortium, is committed to delivering greater business efficiency by bringing together buyers and suppliers of information systems to lower the cost and risks associated with integrating new technology across the enterprise. Recognizing that standards alone are insufficient, The Open Group's mission is to deliver assurance of conformance to Open Standards through the testing and certification of suppliers' products.

The Open Group and Wireless and Mobile Computing

In early 1999, The Open Group membership identified the growing importance of wireless and mobile computing and initiated a study to identify key areas where The Open Group could make a significant contribution towards enabling the emerging market for corporate wireless data applications.

The first stage was the creation of The Open Group wireless computing web portal,, to categorize and analyze the large number of existing wireless standards efforts.

Subsequently, The Open Group embarked on a six-month study of the wireless computing market, involving in-depth interviews with leading wireless vendors and early adopters of wireless technologies. The interviews have served to refine and validate The Open Groupís views on its role in accelerating the adoption of wireless data solutions into the enterprise environment. These meetings took place in both Europe and North America and were conducted by Gregory Gorman, Director of The Open Groupís Wireless and Mobile programs, and Peter George, Principal, Wheatstone Consulting (UK), a UK-based consultancy company that provides strategic advice on mobile data solutions.

The Open Groupís essential conclusion is that the enterprise and wireless markets are converging but still face serious obstacles. Integration of wireless data devices and applications into the enterprise environment is seriously impeded by the lack of interoperable standards and solutions.

Sections of this document highlight the major findings of the research and identify concrete proposals for action by the new Open Group Mobile Management Forum.

The Mobile Management Forum

On April 12th 2000, The Open Group launches the Mobile Management Forum (MMF), based on:

The Mobile Management Forums's overarching objective is to accelerate the deployment of wireless data into the enterprise environment, by leveraging its vendor and user membership.

Its vision is deceptively simple, to allow a user to access any information (to which he/she is entitled) over any network via any device:

Initially, the Mobile Management Forum is invited to focus on five key areas which the research clearly identified as current barriers to attainment of the vision:

In each case, this summary highlights the issues, examines the problems, and offers a set of specific recommendations to drive the market forward.

The Role Of The Open Group

The members of the Mobile Management Forum will determine the programs and projects of the Forum.