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meta - enable/disable meta-keys


#include <curses.h>

int meta(WINDOW *win, bool bf);


Initially, whether the terminal returns 7 or 8 significant bits on input depends on the control mode of the display driver (see the XBD specification, General Terminal Interface). To force 8 bits to be returned, invoke meta(win, TRUE). To force 7 bits to be returned, invoke meta(win, FALSE). The win argument is always ignored. If the terminfo capabilities smm (meta_on) and rmm (meta_off) are defined for the terminal, smm is sent to the terminal when meta(win, TRUE) is called and rmm is sent when meta(win, FALSE) is called.


Upon successful completion, meta() returns OK. Otherwise, it returns ERR.


No errors are defined.


The same effect is achieved outside Curses using the CS7 or CS8 control mode flag specified in the XBD specification (General Terminal Interface).

The meta() function was designed for use with terminals with 7-bit character sets and a "meta" key that could be used to set the eighth bit.


Input Processing , getch(), <curses.h>, XBD specification, Parameters that Can be Set  (ISTRIP flag).

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