The Single UNIX ® Specification, Version 2
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scrl, scroll, wscrl - scroll a Curses window


#include <curses.h>

int scrl(int n);

int scroll(WINDOW *win);

int wscrl(WINDOW *win, int n);


The scroll() function scrolls win one line in the direction of the first line.

The scrl() and wscrl() functions scroll the current or specified window. If n is positive, the window scrolls n lines toward the first line. Otherwise, the window scrolls -n lines toward the last line.

These functions do not change the cursor position. If scrolling is disabled for the current or specified window, these functions have no effect. The interaction of these functions with setscrreg() is currently unspecified.


Upon successful completion, these functions return OK. Otherwise, they return ERR.


No errors are defined.



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