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wctype.h - wide-character classification and mapping utilities


#include <wctype.h>


The <wctype.h> header defines the following data types through
As described in <wchar.h>.
A scalar type that can hold values which represent locale-specific character mappings.
As described in <wchar.h>.

The <wctype.h> header declares the following as functions and may also define them as macros. Function prototypes must be provided for use with an ISO C compiler.

int       iswalnum(wint_t);
int       iswalpha(wint_t);
int       iswcntrl(wint_t);
int       iswdigit(wint_t);
int       iswgraph(wint_t);
int       iswlower(wint_t);
int       iswprint(wint_t);
int       iswpunct(wint_t);
int       iswspace(wint_t);
int       iswupper(wint_t);
int       iswxdigit(wint_t);
int       iswctype(wint_t, wctype_t);
wint_t    towctrans(wint_t, wctrans_t);
wint_t    towlower(wint_t);
wint_t    towupper(wint_t);
wctrans_t wctrans(const char *);
wctype_t  wctype(const char *);

<wctype.h> defines the following macro name:

Constant expression of type wint_t that is returned by several MSE functions to indicate end-of-file.

For all functions described in this header that accept an argument of type wint_t, the value will be representable as a wchar_t or will equal the value of WEOF. If this argument has any other value, the behaviour is undefined.

The behaviour of these functions is affected by the LC_CTYPE category of the current locale.

Inclusion of the <wctype.h> header may make visible all symbols from the headers <ctype.h>, <stdio.h>, <stdarg.h>, <stdlib.h>, <string.h>, <stddef.h> <time.h>. and <wchar.h>.






iswalnum(), iswalpha(), iswcntrl(), iswctype(), iswdigit(), iswgraph(), iswlower(), iswprint(), iswpunct(), iswspace(), iswupper(), iswxdigit(), setlocale(), towctrans(), towlower(), towupper(), wctrans(), wctype(), <locale.h>. <wchar.h>.

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