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pthread_attr_setschedparam, pthread_attr_getschedparam - set and get schedparam attribute


#include <pthread.h>

int pthread_attr_setschedparam(pthread_attr_t *attr, 
    const struct sched_param *param);
int pthread_attr_getschedparam(const pthread_attr_t *attr, 
    struct sched_param *param);


The functions pthread_attr_setschedparam() and pthread_attr_getschedparam(), respectively, set and get the scheduling parameter attributes in the attr argument. The contents of the param structure are defined in <sched.h>. For the SCHED_FIFO and SCHED_RR policies, the only required member of param is sched_priority.


If successful, the pthread_attr_setschedparam() and pthread_attr_getschedparam() functions return zero. Otherwise, an error number is returned to indicate the error.


The pthread_attr_setschedparam() function may fail if:
The value of the attribute being set is not valid.
An attempt was made to set the attribute to an unsupported value.

The pthread_attr_setschedparam() and pthread_attr_getschedparam() functions will not return an error code of [EINTR].




After these attributes have been set, a thread can be created with the specified attributes using pthread_create(). Using these routines does not affect the current running thread.




pthread_attr_init(), pthread_attr_setscope(), pthread_attr_setinheritsched(), pthread_attr_setschedpolicy(), pthread_create(), <pthread.h>, pthread_setschedparam(), <sched.h>.


Derived from the POSIX Threads Extension (1003.1c-1995)

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