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towctrans - character transliteration


#include <wctype.h>

wint_t towctrans(wint_t wc, wctrans_t desc);


The towctrans() function transliterates the wide-character code wc using the mapping described by desc. The current setting of the LC_CTYPE category should be the same as during the call to wctrans() that returned the value desc. If the value of desc is invalid (that is, not obtained by a call to wctrans() or desc is invalidated by a subsequent call to setlocale() that has affected category LC_CTYPE) the result is implementation-dependent.


If successful, the towctrans() function returns the mapped value of wc using the mapping described by desc. Otherwise it returns wc unchanged.


The towctrans() function may fail if:
desc contains an invalid transliteration descriptor.




The strings - "tolower" and "toupper" - are reserved for the standard mapping names. In the table below, the functions in the left column are equivalent to the functions in the right column.

towlower(wc)    towctrans(wc, wctrans("tolower"))
towupper(wc)    towctrans(wc, wctrans("toupper"))




towlower(), towupper(), wctrans(), <wctype.h>.


Derived from ISO/IEC 9899:1990/Amendment 1:1995 (E).

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