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wcswcs - find a wide substring


#include <wchar.h>

wchar_t *wcswcs(const wchar_t *ws1, const wchar_t *ws2);


The wcswcs() function locates the first occurrence in the wide-character string pointed to by ws1 of the sequence of wide-character codes (excluding the terminating null wide-character code) in the wide-character string pointed to by ws2.


Upon successful completion, wcswcs() returns a pointer to the located wide-character string or a null pointer if the wide-character string is not found.

If ws2 points to a wide-character string with zero length, the function returns ws1.


No errors are defined.




This function was not included in the final ISO/IEC 9899:1990/Amendment 1:1994 (E). Application developers are strongly encouraged to use the wcsstr() function instead.




wcschr(), wcsstr(), <wchar.h>.


Derived from the MSE working draft.

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