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Distributed Audit Service (XDAS)
Copyright © 1998 The Open Group


xdas_release_buffer - free storage associated with a buffer


OM_uint32 xdas_release_buffer(
    OM_uint32	 			*minor_status,
    const xdas_audit_ref_t		*das_ref,
    xdas_buffer_t			*buffer


xdas_release_buffer() is a member of the Basic XDAS Conformance class. The xdas_release_buffer() function frees storage associated with a buffer. The storage must have been allocated by an XDAS-API function. In addition to freeing the associated storage, the function zeros the length field in the buffer argument. If successful, the function returns [XDAS_S_COMPLETE]. The arguments for xdas_release_buffer() are:

minor_status (out)

An implementation specific return status that provides additional information when [XDAS_S_FAILURE] is returned by the function.

das_ref (in)

Handle to the XDAS service obtained by a previous call to xdas_initialize_session().

buffer (in,out)

The storage associated with the buffer is deleted. The xdas_buffer_t object is not freed, but its length field is zeroed.


The following XDAS status codes shall be returned:


Successful completion.


An implementation specific error or failure has occurred.


The audit service handle supplied is invalid.


No other errors are defined.

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