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Systems Management; Event Management Service (XEMS)
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A Consumer processes event data, for example, a server application which registers for, receives, and processes event data.


Event Management Service.


An individual data entity corresponding to some information that needs to be communicated from the managed environment to the management applications is known as an "event".

event channel

An event channel is a service that decouples the communications between suppliers and consumers. An event channel is both a consumer and a supplier of events.

In CORBA, an Event Channel can provide asynchronous communication of event data between suppliers and consumers. Although consumers and suppliers communicate with the Event Channel using standard CORBA requests, the event channel does not need to supply the event data to its consumer at the same time it consumes the data from its supplier [COSSES-41].

event communication

Event communication may be generic or typed. In the generic case all communication is by means of generic push or pull operations that take a single parameter that packages all the event data. Event data is passed by means of the parameters, which can be defined in any manner desired [COSSES-32].

event data

Event data are the objects communicated between suppliers and consumers [COSSES-32].

event service

An event service decouples the communication between objects. It defines two roles for objects: the supplier role and the consumer role [COSSES-32]. An event service is a system service, which supports the generation, registration, filtering, and forwarding of events to management applications and other management objects.


An Event filter is a mechanism to select specific types of events, that is, selection by time or type.


Independent Software Vendor.


A manager is the initiator of an event management interaction.


MAnagement Services for Object-oriented disTributed sysTEms. This is a European-based project of partner companies with some funding support from the European Commission. The project goal is to enable management solutions for CORBA-based environments by use not only of CORBA applications, but also through a gateway to external (non-CORBA) applications so that existing management solutions can be extended to management of the CORBA environment. The MAScOTTE project is due to be completed by October 1997. It bases part of its work on The Open Group specifications for CORBA services, and provides feedback on these specifications. Further information on the MAScOTTE project may be obtained from the MAScOTTE Web server (


Event notification is an asynchronous mechanism through which an event is received by a management application, that is, a consumer.


Object Query Language.

pull model

An approach to initiating event communication, allowing a consumer of events to request the event data from a supplier. Consumers request event data by invoking pull operations on the pull supplier interface[COSSES-32].

push model

An approach to initiating event communication, allowing a supplier to initiate the transfer of the event data to consumers. Suppliers communicate event data by invoking push operations on the push consumer interface [COSSES-32].


Registration is a mechanism by which a management application can indicate an interest in receiving notification on specific events.


A Supplier produces event data.


Universal Coordinated Time.


universal unique identifier.
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