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Inter-domain Management: Specification Translation

Inter-domain Management: Specification Translation
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This part of the document describes the translation of SNMP MIB Specifications into CORBA IDL. It does not address how the messages in the SNMP protocol are converted into the messages in the CORBA environment. The translation scheme can also be applied to MIBs specified in SNMP version 1 format together with the mapping of TRAP-TYPE macro (described in Mapping of SNMPv1 Traps ).

SNMP/CORBA Interoperability Scenarios describes possible scenarios using CORBA-based SNMP managers and agents. The specification of the SNMP Gateway will be addressed in the Interaction Translation specification.

The SNMP MIB definition language is built on ASN.1 and this section reuses the translation given in ASN.1 Type to CORBA-IDL Translation .

The organisation of this section is as follows:

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