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NMF SPIRIT Issue 3.0 Platform Blueprint

NMF SPIRIT Issue 3.0 Platform Blueprint
Copyright © 1995 Network Management Forum

Management Mapping

This appendix provides a mapping between the SPIRIT Scope of Management and the Management Specification.

Management Area/Functions Agent Manager
Business Management:    
Inventory Control Yes Yes
Accounting Yes Yes
(Charge-back, Financial management)    
Policy Administration No No
Business Strategic Planning No No
Process Management No No
Information Services Management No No
(Help desk, Service level planning)    
Organisational Planning No No
Configuration Management:    
Configuration Design Yes Yes
Environmental Planning No No
Configuration Creation Yes Yes
Updating Configuration Yes Yes
Accessing Configuration Yes Yes
Software Administration:    
Planning: No No
Distribution No No
Synchronisation No No
Installation No No
Activation No No
Testing No No
Backout No No
Monitoring and Tracking No No
Operations Management:    
Workload and Operations Planning No No
Workload Control Yes Yes
Operations Control Yes Yes
Print Management No No

Performance Management:    
Performance Planning No No
Performance Control and Monitoring Yes Yes
Performance Execution and Measurement Yes Yes
Problem Management:    
Problem Process Planning No No
Problem Policy Planning No No
Problem Determination Yes Yes
Problem Analysis No No
Problem Bypass and Recovery No No
Problem Assignment Yes Yes
Problem Resolution and Verification No No
Security Management:    
Authentication No No
Access Control Yes Yes
Non-repudiation No No
Integrity No No
Confidentiality No No
Security Audit Yes Yes
Key Management No No

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