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Systems Management: Reference Model

Systems Management: Reference Model
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Document History

The X/Open Systems Management Reference Model was originally published as a Snapshot in October 1991. This document represents the further development of the Reference Model, incorporating the further experience of the working group, and also builds on the widening implementation experience developed across the industry.

The original Snapshot demonstrated a high degree of OSI orientation. This demonstrated the fact that at the time the document was developed, OSI management technology represented the widest possible consensus as a basis for describing management functionality. The Snapshot also made reference to the expected emergence of the OMG CORBA technology as a key component of distributed systems management.

In the intervening period, this expectation has been demonstrated to be correct, and the updating of the Reference Model reflects this. The original development of the Snapshot had revealed that there were problems of terminology between the OSI and OMG technologies. Accordingly, the Reference Model has been re-stated in abstract terms, and the mapping onto these two technologies has been incorporated in the form of Appendices.

As might be expected, this change in approach has resulted in substantial changes to the original document. However, the focus and intent of the document remains unchanged.

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