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Systems Management: Reference Model

Systems Management: Reference Model
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X/Open Systems Management Programme

The X/Open Systems Management Programme is defined in terms of a suite of documents that, taken together, will describe all the components needed to achieve the goals stated in Goals and Objectives .

The first of these documents is the X/Open Systems Management Problem Statement (see reference PS). The Problem Statement, published in 1991 as a Snapshot, provides an overview of the problem, and also includes a review of activities current at that time.

The Reference Model builds on the Problem Statement, providing a framework in which the various components of the solution can be identified. The individual components will be defined in subsequent documents.

The current X/Open work program is developing a coherent family of documents that address the various components needed in order to provide an open, portable, interoperable management system. The documents can be divided into a number of groups according to their functionality. These groups are described below.

In the following sections, documents already completed are indicated by an asterisk (*). The descriptions given below are intended for overall guidance only. For more specific information regarding planned time-scales, refer to the Distributed Systems Management section of the X/Open Technical Programme (see reference XTP).

Strategic Documents

The first group of documents provides the framework and strategy that defines the overall approach, and consists of the following documents:

Managed Object Definitions

The second group is concerned with the definition of Managed Objects. It consists of the following:

Management API Specifications

The third group will address APIs to Management Services, including communications services:

Interworking Specifications

The fourth group addresses interoperability issues, namely the protocol profiles necessary to achieve interworking between different implementations of conformant systems.

Management Application Specifications

The fifth group of specifications will address specific functional areas corresponding to real end-user requirements, and will provide the definitions necessary to provide portability and interoperability in the development of solutions to those requirements. Functional areas expected to be covered include the following:

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