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Technical Study: Security in Federated Naming

Technical Study: Security in Federated Naming
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Scope and Purpose

This document reviews the security aspects of the Federated Naming API specification (XFN) as part of the overall review of the security aspects of all Open Group specifications.

The Security Working Group has produced the Distributed Security Framework (XDSF). This document complements that framework by interpreting the general security considerations addressed by the framework in the specific context of the XFN.

As the XFN is a generic interface to multiple naming systems this document presents an analysis of the security threats and appropriate countermeasures applicable to a general naming service and then considers the impact of these threats and countermeasures in the context of the XFN itself.

The document concludes with specific proposals on how the XFN API may be extended to cater more fully for the security aspects of naming services as a stimulus to promote further discussion.

Intended Audience

This document is of primary interest to the technical working groups of the Open Group responsible for the Federated Naming Specification and security. It will also be of interest to developers who are implementing or planning to implement a federated naming service based on the XFN.

Document History

The first draft of this document was reviewed by the OpenGroup Security Program Group at a meeting held in June 1996. This draft includes the comments and observations arising from that review.

The second draft of this document was reviewed by XNET, the Interworking SWG of the Open Group at its meeting in September 1996.

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