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Application Instrumentation and Control (AIC) API, Version 1.0
Copyright © 1999 The Open Group

AIC-AL Function and Use

The AIC Application Library (AIC-AL) provides AIC services to the Application developer. A developer must add calls to the AIC-AL API into their application program to enable AIC to be active. When the AIC library is started (see later), the "management interface" is established for that application.

The AIC-AL library has the following key components:

The "beginner" AIC developer is likely to take the following simple steps:

  1. Start the library by calling AICAL_Libstart()

  2. Create a management object by calling AICAL_Create()

  3. Set the value of a management object by calling AICAL_SetValuexxxxx

  4. Do repeated update of a value by calling AICAL_GetValuexxxx() and AICAL_SetValuexxxx()

  5. Close the library at program shutdown by calling AICAL_Close()

The majority of the features of AIC are provided within the implementation.

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