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Application Instrumentation and Control (AIC) API, Version 1.0
Copyright © 1999 The Open Group



Application Instrumentation and Control API. A light-weight set of functions that allow objects to be managed.


The access functions provided by AIC Client Library to allow clients to set and get values for objects managed in a remote application. All APIs starting AICCL_ and AIC_ are part of the AIC-CL library.


The AIC Application Library. An API that can be used to link a management interface into a business application. All APIs starting AICAL_ and AIC_ are part of the AIC-AL library.


Common Information Model. Data model for management information. Part of the WBEM initiative.


Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF).


Domain Name Service. Naming scheme assigned to machines on an IP network. Products requiring an IP address can accept a DNS machine name instead and use the DNS Service to convert the name into a physical IP address.


Terminology within AIC for a generic callback function. It is possible to use AIC-AL to register a generic callback function.


File Allocation Table. A disk directory structure common under DOS and Windows computers. The directory layour has a tree like structure.


Data structure of management objects. Hierachial like a tree or filesystem (for example, a UFS or FAT filesystem). Not mandated as a formal tree


UNIX File System - the directory tree scheme on a UNIX machine.


Web Based Enterprise Management. Technology defined by the Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF), consisting of CIM (data model), XML (query mechanism), and http (data transport).
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