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Common Security: CDSA and CSSM
Copyright © 1997 The Open Group




CSSM_RETURN CSSMAPI RegisterDispatchTable
    (CSSM_MODULE_HANDLE ModuleHandle,
    CSSM_MEMORY_FUNCS_PTR AppMemoryCallTable,


This function receives information about and application and add-in module session. The information is provided by the CSSM core services. The module handle is created by the CSSM core services. It uniquely identifies the application and add-in module session. The memory functions are defined by the application. The elective module manager must use these if it allocates or frees any memory resources on behalf of the application. The function table is defined by the add-in service module. The elective module manager uses this table to dispatch application function calls from the application (invoking the APIs) to the add-in service module (via the SPIs).


ModuleHandle (input)

The unique module handle of the session between the application and the add-in service module.

AppMemoryCallTable (input)

The function table for operations on the application's memory space.

AddInCallTable (input)

The function table for operations serviced by the add-in service provider module.


A CSSM_OK return value signifies that the information about the application and add-in module session has been received and the module manager will maintain the session by dispatching application requests to the add-in module. When CSSM_FAIL is returned, the module manager was unable to assume responsibility for managing the service session. Use CSSM_GetError to obtain the error code.



Unable to accept the function tables.



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