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CDE 1.1: Remote Procedure Call
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Protocol Sequence Strings

This appendix lists valid RPC protocol sequence strings. These can be used with routines that take a protocol sequence string argument (type unsigned_char_t*). They can also be used to construct the rpc-protocol-sequence portion of a string binding. (See RPC Data Types for more information on protocol sequence strings and string bindings.)

RPC Protocol Sequence Strings shows the valid RPC protocol sequence strings.

String Description
"ncacn_ip_tcp" CO over Internet Protocol: Transmission Control Protocol (TCP/IP)
"ncacn_dnet_nsp" CO over DECnet: Network Services Protocol (DECnet Phase IV)
"ncacn_osi_dna" CO over Open Systems Interconnection (DECnet Phase V)
"ip" CL over Internet Protocol: User Datagram Protocol (UDP/IP)
"dds" CL over Domain Datagram Service
"ncacn_at_dsp" CO over Appletalk
"ncadg_at_ddp" CL over Appletalk
"ncadg_nb" CL over NetBIOS
"ncacn_vns_spp" CO over VINES SPP protocol
"ncadg_vns_ipc" CL over VINES IPC protocol
"ncacn_osi_mosi" CO over a seven-layer minimal OSI ("mOSI") stack
"ncadg_osi_clsn" CL over a seven-layer OSI stack
"ncacn_nb_stream" CO over NetBIOS datagram protocols
"ncadg_nb_dgram" CL over NetBIOS session protocols
"ncacn_unix_stream" CO over Unix Domain sockets
"ncadg_unix_dgram" CL over Unix Domain sockets

Table: RPC Protocol Sequence Strings

To ensure interoperation, applications should use only these strings. Not all implementations support all the protocol sequences listed. Applications can use a particular protocol sequence only if the implementation supports that sequence.

RPC Data Types shows how to construct the network address and endpoint portions of a string binding for the TCP/IP and UDP/IP protocols. Contact OSF for information on constructing string bindings for the other protocol sequences or to obtain protocol string assignments. To avoid conflicts or multiple strings for a protocol sequence, all protocol sequence strings must be registered with OSF.

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