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CDE 1.1: Remote Procedure Call
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Reject Status Codes and Parameters

This appendix lists reject status codes for RPC PDUs and the error statuses that may returned by a client stub to an application in comm_status and fault_status parameters.

Reject Status Codes

Both reject and connection-oriented fault PDUs contain a 32-bit field that indicates a server's reason for rejecting an RPC call request. This field is encoded as the body data of the reject PDU and as the status field of the connection-oriented fault PDU header. Reject Status Codes lists the possible values of this field in hexadecimal notation:

Name Value Protocol Meaning
nca_rpc_version_mismatch 1c000008 CO/CL The server does not support the RPC protocol version specified in the request PDU.
nca_unspec_reject 1c000009 CO,CL The request is being rejected for unspecified reasons.
nca_s_bad_actid 1c00000A CL The server has no state corresponding to the activity identifier in the message.
nca_who_are_you_failed 1c00000b CL The Conversation Manager callback failed.
nca_manager_not_entered 1c00000c CO,CL The server manager routine has not been entered and executed.
nca_op_rng_error 1c010002 CO,CL The operation number passed in the request PDU is greater than or equal to the number of operations in the interface.
nca_unk_if 1c010003 CO,CL The server does not export the requested interface.
nca_wrong_boot_time 1c010006 CL The server boot time passed in the request PDU does not match the actual server boot time.
nca_s_you_crashed 1c010009 CL A restarted server called back a client.
nca_proto_error 1c01000b CO/CL The RPC client or server protocol has been violated.
nca_out_args_too_big 1c010013 CO,CL The output parameters of the operation exceed their declared maximum size.
nca_server_too_busy 1c010014 CO,CL The server is too busy to handle the call.
nca_unsupported_type 1c010017 CO,CL The server does not implement the requested operation for the type of the requested object.
nca_invalid_pres_context_id 1c00001c CO Invalid presentation context ID.
nca_unsupported_authn_level 1c00001d CO,CL The server did not support the requested authentication level.
nca_invalid_checksum 1c00001f CO,CL Invalid checksum.
nca_invalid_crc 1c000020 CO,CL Invalid CRC.

Table: Reject Status Codes

A set of fault status values is also encoded in both connectionless and connection-oriented fault PDU body data. This data is not used by the RPC protocols themselves and is not listed in Reject Status Codes . These fault values and the corresponding application level fault_status values are given in Failures Returned in a fault_status Parameter .

Possible Failures

comm_status Parameter

The following failures normally indicate a communication failure. Such failures do not necessarily indicate a problem in the RPC or application code. All of the failures listed in Failures Returned in a comm_status Parameter are returned in a comm_status parameter or function result when that mechanism is enabled via the ACS. Portable applications should enable this mechanism as described in Return Statuses .

Name Value
rpc_s_access_control_info_inv 16C9A04A
rpc_s_cancel_timeout 16C9A030
rpc_s_comm_failure 16C9A016
rpc_s_connect_closed_by_rem 16C9A04C
rpc_s_connect_no_resources 16C9A044
rpc_s_connect_rejected 16C9A042
rpc_s_connect_timed_out 16C9A041
rpc_s_connection_closed 16C9A036
rpc_s_host_unreachable 16C9A049
rpc_s_fault_remote_comm_failure 16C9A085
rpc_s_loc_connect_aborted 16C9A04B
rpc_s_network_unreachable 16C9A043
rpc_s_no_memory 16C9A012
rpc_s_no_more_bindings 16C9A0B5
rpc_s_no_ns_permission 16C9A0A8
rpc_s_no_rem_endpoint 16C9A047
rpc_s_op_rng_error 16C9A001
rpc_s_rem_host_crashed 16C9A04D
rpc_s_rem_host_down 16C9A048
rpc_s_rem_network_shutdown 16C9A045
rpc_s_too_many_rem_connects 16C9A046
rpc_s_unknown_if 16C9A02C
rpc_s_unsupported_type 16C9A02D
rpc_s_wrong_boot_time 16C9A006

Table: Failures Returned in a comm_status Parameter

fault_status Parameter

The following failures normally indicate a failure of the remote application code. All of the failures listed in Failures Returned in a fault_status Parameter are returned in a fault_status parameter or function result when that mechanism is enabled via the ACS. Portable applications should enable this mechanism, as described in Return Statuses .

The four columns represent the fault status name, the hexadecimal value of the fault status, the fault PDU name that is associated with this fault, and the hexadecimal value encoded by the fault PDU.

Fault Status Status Value PDU Fault PDU Fault Value
rpc_s_fault_object_not_found 16C9A01B nca_s_fault_object_not_found 1C000024
rpc_s_call_cancelled 16C9A031 nca_s_fault_cancel 1C00000D
rpc_s_fault_addr_error 16C9A074 nca_s_fault_addr_error 1C000002
rpc_s_fault_context_mismatch 16C9A075 nca_s_fault_context_mismatch 1C00001A
rpc_s_fault_fp_div_by_zero 16C9A076 nca_s_fault_fp_div_zero 1C000003
rpc_s_fault_fp_error 16C9A077 nca_s_fault_fp_error 1C00000F
rpc_s_fault_fp_overflow 16C9A078 nca_s_fault_fp_overflow 1C000005
rpc_s_fault_fp_underflow 16C9A079 nca_s_fault_fp_underflow 1C000004
rpc_s_fault_ill_inst 16C9A07A nca_s_fault_ill_inst 1C00000E
rpc_s_fault_int_div_by_zero 16C9A07B nca_s_fault_int_div_by_zero 1C000001
rpc_s_fault_int_overflow 16C9A07C nca_s_fault_int_overflow 1C000010
rpc_s_fault_invalid_bound 16C9A07D nca_s_fault_invalid_bound 1C000007
rpc_s_fault_invalid_tag 16C9A07E nca_s_fault_invalid_tag 1C000006
rpc_s_fault_pipe_closed 16C9A07F nca_s_fault_pipe_closed 1C000015
rpc_s_fault_pipe_comm_error 16C9A080 nca_s_fault_pipe_comm_error 1C000018
rpc_s_fault_pipe_discipline 16C9A081 nca_s_fault_pipe_discipline 1C000017
rpc_s_fault_pipe_empty 16C9A082 nca_s_fault_pipe_empty 1C000014
rpc_s_fault_pipe_memory 16C9A083 nca_s_fault_pipe_memory 1C000019
rpc_s_fault_pipe_order 16C9A084 nca_s_fault_pipe_order 1C000016
rpc_s_fault_remote_no_memory 16C9A086 nca_s_fault_remote_no_memory 1C00001B
rpc_s_fault_unspec 16C9A087    
rpc_s_fault_user_defined 16C9A113 ncs_s_fault_user_defined 1C000021
rpc_s_fault_tx_open_failed 16C9A116 nca_s_fault_tx_open_failed 1C000022
rpc_s_fault_codeset_conv_error 16C9A16E nca_s_fault_codeset_conv_error 1C000023
rpc_s_fault_no_client_stub 16C9A170 nca_s_fault_no_client_stub 1C000025

Table: Failures Returned in a fault_status Parameter

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