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CDE 1.1: Remote Procedure Call
Copyright © 1997 The Open Group


rpc_mgmt_set_cancel_timeout- sets the lower bound on the time to wait before timing out after forwarding a cancel


#include <dce/rpc.h>

void rpc_mgmt_set_cancel_timeout( signed32 seconds, unsigned32 *status);



An integer specifying the number of seconds to wait for a server to acknowledge a cancel. To specify that a client waits an infinite amount of time, supply the value rpc_c_cancel_infinite_timeout.


Returns the status code from this routine. The status code indicates whether the routine completed successfully, or if not, why not.

Possible status codes and their meanings include:



The rpc_mgmt_set_cancel_timeout() routine resets the amount of time the RPC run-time system waits for a server to acknowledge a cancel before orphaning the call.

The application specifies either to wait forever or to wait a length of time specified in seconds. If the value of seconds is 0 (zero), the remote procedure call is immediately orphaned when the RPC run time detects and forwards a pending cancel; control returns immediately to the client application. The default value is rpc_c_cancel_infinite_timeout, which specifies waiting forever for the call to complete.

The value for the cancel timeout applies to all remote procedure calls made in the current thread. A multi-threaded client that wishes to change the timeout value must call this routine in each thread of execution.



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