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Protocols for Interworking: XNFS, Version 3W
Copyright © 1998 The Open Group


MOUNTPROC3_MNT - Add Mount Entry

Call Arguments

dirpath dirname;

Return Arguments

struct mountres3_ok { fhandle3 fhandle; int auth_flavors<>; };

union mountres3 switch (mountstat3 fhs_status) { case MNT_OK: mountres3_ok mountinfo; default: void; };

RPC Procedure Description

mountres3 MOUNTPROC3_MNT(dirpath) = 1;


Procedure MNT maps a pathname on the server to a file handle. The pathname is a string that describes a directory on the server. If the call is successful (.IR MNT3_OK ), the server returns an NFS Version 3 protocol file handle and a vector of RPC authentication flavours that are supported with the client's use of the file handle (or any file handles derived from it). The authentication flavours are defined in Authentication Protocols .

Implementation Guidance

If mountres3.fhs_status is MNT3_OK, then mountres3.mountinfo contains the file handle for the directory and a list of acceptable authentication flavours. This file handle may only be used in the NFS Version 3 protocol. This procedure also results in the server adding a new entry to its mount list recording that this client has mounted the directory. AUTH_UNIX authentication or better is required.

Return Codes

The specified directory does not exist. If the server exports only /a/b, an attempt to mount /a/b/c will fail with MNT3ERR_NOENT if the directory does not exist; on the other hand, an attempt to mount /a/x would fail with MNT3ERR_ACCES.

I/O error. Some sort of hard error occurred when the operation was in progress. This could be a disk error, for example.

Access to the specified directory was denied. Either no directory in the path dirname is exported, or the client system is not permitted to mount this directory.

The specified file is not a directory.


The filename in an operation was too long.

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