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Protocols for Interworking: XNFS, Version 3W
Copyright © 1998 The Open Group


NFSPROC_STATFS - Get File System Attributes

Call Arguments

typedef opaque fhandle[NFS_FHSIZE];

Return Arguments

union statfsres (stat status) { case NFS_OK: struct { unsigned tsize; unsigned bsize; unsigned blocks; unsigned bfree; unsigned bavail; } info; default: void; };

RPC Procedure Description

statfsres NFSPROC_STATFS(fhandle) = 17;


If the reply status is NFS_OK, then the reply info gives the attributes for the file system that contains the file referred to by the input fhandle. The attribute fields contain the following values:

The optimum transfer size of the server in bytes. This is the number of bytes the server would like to have in the data part of NFSPROC_READ and NFSPROC_WRITE requests.

The block size in bytes of the file system.

The total number of bsize blocks on the file system.

The number of free bsize blocks on the file system.

The number of bsize blocks available to non-privileged users.

Return Codes

Indicates that the call completed successfully and the results are valid.

Some sort of hard error occurred when the operation was in progress. This could be a disk error, for example.

The fhandle given in the arguments was invalid. That is, the file referred to by that file handle no longer exists, or access to it has been revoked.

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