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Protocols for Interworking: XNFS, Version 3W
Copyright © 1998 The Open Group


NLM_GRANTED_MSG - Lock Grant Message

Call Arguments

struct nlm_testargs { netobj cookie; bool exclusive; struct nlm_lock alock; };

Return Arguments

None. Results are returned asynchronously via the NLM_GRANTED_RES procedure.

RPC Procedure Description

void NLM_GRANTED_MSG(nlm_testargs) = 10;


This procedure is one of the asynchronous RPCs. It performs the same function as the NLM_GRANTED procedure.

This procedure is a call-back procedure from the server NLM, running on the host where the file resides, to the client. Note that with this procedure the server is the caller and the client the recipient. This procedure is called by the NLM server and the return value is generated by the client via the NLM_GRANTED_RES procedure.

A client issuing an NLM_LOCK_MSG procedure that blocks will be returned an NLM_LOCK_RES procedure with a status of "LCK_BLOCKED". At a later point, when the lock is granted on the server, the server will issue an NLM_GRANTED_MSG procedure to the client to indicate the lock has been granted. "exclusive" and "alock" will be the values in the original NLM_LOCK_MSG procedure. The client must not depend on "cookie" being the same in the NLM_LOCK_MSG and NLM_GRANTED_MSG procedures.

On reception of an NLM_GRANTED_MSG the client should generate an NLM_GRANTED_RES call to the server. See NLM_LOCK_MSG for more information.

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