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Protocols for Interworking: XNFS, Version 3W
Copyright © 1998 The Open Group


SM_NOTIFY - Notify

RPC Data Descriptions

Call Arguments

struct stat_chge { string mon_name; int state; };

Return Arguments


RPC Procedure Description

void SM_NOTIFY(struct stat_chge) = 6;


If a host has a state change, either a crash and reboot or the NSM has processed an SM_SIMU_CRASH call, the local NSM must notify each host on its notify list (see SM_MON) of the change in state.

"mon_name" is the name of the host that had the state change. "state" is the new state for the host.

When an NSM receives the SM_NOTIFY call it must search its notify list for "mon_name". The host "mon_name" will be found in the notify list if an SM_MON call was made to the NSM to register the host. The NSM must call the RPC program, version, procedure number on the hostname supplied in the "my_id" field of the SM_MON parameter. This RPC will be called with the following parameter:

struct status { string mon_name<SM_MAXSTRLEN>; int state; opaque priv[16]; /* for private information */ };

Where "mon_name" and "state" are copied from the SM_NOTIFY parameters. "priv" is the information supplied in the corresponding field of the SM_MON call that registered the host "mon_name".

Return Codes


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