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Protocols for Interworking: XNFS, Version 3W
Copyright © 1998 The Open Group

Open System Utilities Semantics over XNFS


Many of the interfaces described in the X/Open Commands and Utilities Specification (see reference XCU) are directly or indirectly concerned with accessing files stored on the system's file system. This appendix identifies those commands and utilities which may operate differently when used with XNFS.

The table "Utilities with no Semantic Differences" below lists the commands and utilities that show no semantic difference when invoked in an XNFS environment. That is, they behave the same as when running in a local file system environment.

Utilities with Semantic Differences lists the commands and utilities that may show semantic differences when invoked in an XNFS environment.

Semantic Difference Summary for File Access lists the potential differences that can affect those commands and utilities.

Common Semantic Differences lists the differences that are most common.

The following utilities and commands have no change over XNFS:

Utilities with no Semantic Differences
alias banner basename bg
cal col dirname echo
env expr false fg
getopts hash ipcrm ipcs
jobs line locale logger
lpstat mesg nice printf
read renice sleep time
tr true type ulimit
umask unalias uname wait

Common Semantic Differences

The following differences apply to almost all of the commands and utilities that may show semantic differences under an XNFS environment.

Execution of Remote Files

This applies to all of the utilities and commands. If local execution of a remote utility or command occurs (such as executing the remote image of cmp locally), then the following semantic difference applies:

Interruption of any XNFS Operation

All NFS operations involve issuing one or more requests from the client to the server. Therefore the following semantic difference applies to all NFS operations:

File Access

Every command or utility that opens and then accesses a remote file is subject to the following semantic differences:

Remote file access could conceivably occur with every command or utility if its standard input or standard output is redirected to a remote file.

Utilities with Semantic Differences

The following is a list of those utilities and commands that have semantic differences:

Utilities with Semantic Differences
admin ar asa at
awk batch bc c89
calendar cancel cat cc
cd cflow chgrp chmod
chown chroot cksum cmp
comm command compress cp
cpio crontab csplit ctags
cu cut cxref date
dd delta df diff
dircmp dis du ed
egrep ex expand fc
fgrep file find fold
fort77 fuser gencat get
getconf grep head iconv
id join kill lex
link unlink lint ln
localedef logname lp ls
m4 mail mailx make
man mkdir mkfifo more
mv newgrp nl nm
nohup od pack paste
patch pathchk pax pcat
pg pr prs ps
pwd red rm rmdel
rmdir sact sccs sdb
sed sh sort spell
split strings strip stty
sum tabs tail talk
tar tee test touch
tput tsort tty uncompress
unexpand unget uniq unpack
uucp uudecode uuencode uulog
uuname uupick uustat uuto
uux val vi wall
wc what who write
yacc zcat    

Where the semantic difference described only applies to the XNFS Issue 3W Specification this is identified by shading of the appropriate text. Semantic differences which do not contain this code marking are applicable to both XNFS Issue 3 and XNFS Issue 3W Specifications.

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