UMA Data Pool Definition (DPD)
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CAE Specification
Systems Management: UMA Specification, Part 4 - Data Pool Definitions (DPD)
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This Document
This document is a CAE specification. It defines a performance data pool for the analysis and management of computer systems, and an organisation to facilitate the collection and use of such data. This set of performance metrics may be accessed by the two UMA interfaces:

The UMA Guide (see Part 1 of this specification). reviews the issues surrounding performance measurement in Open Systems, describes the general UMA architecture, and discusses user considerations in adopting the UMA.

The audience for the metrics defined in this document ranges from the end-user to the system developer. End-users (customers) will find them useful in measuring productivity. Performance analysts/engineers can use them for modelling, tuning and measuring/predicting capacity in systems/applications. Data centres and MIS organisations can use them to assess the quantity and quality of the computing services provided under Service Level Agreements with their customers. Hardware and software vendors can use them to assure the performance of their products during development and after release. Performance management application vendors can use them as standard metrics with the open application interface UMA provides, to develop their products.

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This specification was developed by the Performance Management Working Group. The PMWG was originally part of UNIX International, and is now part of the Computer Measurement Group.

X/Open gratefully acknowledges the work of the PMWG in the development of this specification and in the review process for this publication.

Major contributors to the Data Pool Definitions specification include:

Sara Abraham Amdahl Corporation Robert Berry IBM Corporation
Adrian Cockcroft SUN Microsystems Lewis T. Flynn§§ Amdahl Corporation
Anthony J. Gaseor§§ AT&T Bell Laboratories Javad Habibi Amdahl Corporation
Marge Momberger IBM Corporation Henry Newman§§ Instrumental, Inc.
David Potter Open Systems Performance Jim Richard Amdahl Corporation
Jim Van Sciver Open Software Foundation Yefim Somin BGS Systems
Leon Traister Amdahl Corporation Manda Sury§§ IBM Corporation
Steve Whitney Boeing Computer Services Elizabeth Williams Super Computer Research

Participants who have made contributions to the process of developing these specifications are listed below along with their corporate affiliation at the time of their contribution. Our sincere apologies to anyone whom we may have missed.

Subhash Agrawal BGS Systems Barrie Archer ICL
Peter Benoit Digital Equipment Corp. Tom Beretvas IBM Corporation
Wolfgang Blau Tandem Computers, Inc. Jim Busse NCR Corporation
David Butchart Digital Equipment Corp. David Chadwick Performance Awareness Corp.
Ram Chelluri AT&T Global Information Solutions Danny Chen AT&T Bell Laboratories
Niels Christiansen IBM Corporation Paul Curtis Hitachi computer Products (America), Inc.
Paul Douglas Digital Equipment Corp. Janice Dumont AT&T Bell Laboratories
Ansgar Erlenkoetter Tandem Computers, Inc. Paul Farr Aim Technology
Jerome Feder UNIX System Laboratories Mark Feldman Sequent Computer Systems, Inc.
Thierry Fevrier Hewlett-Packard Ken Gartner Hitachi Computer Products (America), Inc.
Joseph Glenski Cray Research, Inc. Dave Glover Hewlett-Packard
Jay Goldberg UNIX System Laboratories William Hidden Open Software Foundation
Liz Hookway NCR Corporation John Howell Amdahl Corporation
Ken Huffman Hewlett-Packard Mario Jauvin Bell Northern Research
Chester John IBM Corporation Sue John IBM Corporation
Rebecca Koskela Cray Research, Inc. Bill Laurune Digital Equipment Corp.
Ted Lehr IBM Corporation Greg Mansfield Instrumental
  Shane McCarron UNIX International Michael Meissner
Bernice Moy Open Software Foundation Jee-Fung Pang Digital Equipment Corp.
James Pitcairn-Hill Open Software Foundation Melur K. Raghuraman Digital Equipment Corp.
O. T. Satyanarayanan Amdahl Corporation Steve Sonnenberg Landmark Systems
Douglas R. Souders UNIX System Laboratories Jaap Vermeulen Sequent Computer Systems, Inc.
Michael Wallulis Digital Equipment Corp. Ping Wang Open Software Foundation
Willie Williams Open Software Foundation Neal Wyse Sequent Computer Systems, Inc.
Seung Yoo Amdahl Corporation    

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