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DCE 1.1: Authentication and Security Services
Copyright © 1997 The Open Group

Key Management Facility RPC Interface

This chapter specifies the RPC interface supporting the Key Management Facility (the corresponding Key Management-or sec_key_mgmt-API is specified in Key Management API ). See Key Management Facility for the background to this chapter.

The Key Management RPC Interface

There are no special RPC interfaces (beyond those already specified elsewhere in this specification) to support the Key Management Facility.

Common Data Types and Constants for Key Management

The following are common data types and constants used for key management.

Status Codes

The following status codes (transmitted as values of the type error_status_t) are specified for key management. Only their values are specified here-their use is specified in context elsewhere in this specification.

const unsigned32 sec_key_mgmt_e_key_unavailable = 0x17122043; const unsigned32 sec_key_mgmt_e_authn_invalid = 0x17122044; const unsigned32 sec_key_mgmt_e_auth_unavailable = 0x17122045; const unsigned32 sec_key_mgmt_e_unauthorized = 0x17122046; const unsigned32 sec_key_mgmt_e_key_unsupported = 0x17122047; const unsigned32 sec_key_mgmt_e_key_version_ex = 0x17122048; const unsigned32 sec_key_mgmt_e_not_implemented = 0x17122049; const unsigned32 sec_key_mgmt_e_keytab_not_found = 0x1712204a; const unsigned32 sec_key_mgmt_e_ktfile_err = 0x1712204b;
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